Community College of Philadelphia Nursing Program Review

The Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) offers its students the opportunity to gain crucial education and training to seek employment in the competitive workforce. With over 70 programs, including degree and certification courses as well as non-degree continuing education programs, CCP provides numerous options for the young student just beginning his professional life or the older student looking for a new path.

Nursing Program

The rigorous Nursing Program at the Community College of Philadelphia was designed to prepare students to successfully pass the exams necessary to become fully licensed Registered Nurses. RNs are in very high demand for their critical role in the healthcare system, and the need is projected to continuously grow in the coming years. This creates the need for highly qualified and skilled individuals prepared to embark on the journey of nurse education as to fill these much-needed roles. The CCP Nursing Program prides itself on being based on four core values: Service, Scholarship, Support and Excellence. These values are exhibited in the over 3,000 graduates that have completed the program since its beginning in 1968.

Registered Nurse Degree Program

A Registered Nurse works closely with patients, generally with the assistance of Practical Nurses, and under the supervision of a physician. These nurses prepare and implement treatment plans after engaging in evaluation and analysis of patients with a variety of medical concerns. An RN must engage in further education than an LPN, which leads to greater responsibility and a high-paying career. Successful graduation from this program earns graduates an Associate of Applied Sciences Degree in Nursing.

How Quickly is the Degree Earned?

Students are required to take a minimum of 64 total credit hours in order to graduate. These credit hours are comprised of both general education and core nursing courses that provide a well-rounded and balanced program of study. Though they can be completed in four semesters covering two calendar years, students are required to complete the entire degree program within four calendar years of admission.

Interested applicants already holding a valid Practical Nursing license are eligible for advanced placement into the program. Others who may also obtain advanced placement are honorably discharged servicemen and applicants who have had at least one year of previous nursing education. Advanced placement enables these students to earn their degree faster, thereby utilizing their previous experience to gain employment more quickly. In order to earn advanced placement, the CCP must be provided with adequate documentation of previous nursing experience and transcripts, as well as applicable licenses. Applicants must pass entrance exams and take co requisite courses that prepare them for the rest of the program.

Admission Requirements

There are several requirements that must be fulfilled by applicants seeking admission into the Nursing Program. Applicants must hold a high school diploma or equivalent from an approved institution or entity, and provide proof of success in particular courses including Biology and Chemistry. As the physical and mental health of a nurse are crucial for the satisfactory fulfillment of the nursing role, applicants must submit documentation of a comprehensive physical exam including necessary immunizations and a thorough drug screening, and criminal and background checks. Certain offenses, including felonies, drug offenses and child abuse, preclude the student from admission into the program.

Students are also expected to provide proof of CPR certification and health insurance prior to enrolling in the program.

Course of Study

The Nursing Program course of study at CCP is designed as a progressive track. The knowledge and skill offered by each course is meant to build upon that of previous courses, becoming more difficult and complex and completion of the program approaches. The order of these courses is important and students seeking advanced placement will be expected to exhibit adequate mastery of the topics presented in those courses the student intends to “skip”.

Each semester will be comprised of general education courses as well as nursing instruction. These courses, including English, Math and Biology, will further prepare the student for professional success after graduation. Nursing courses are taught in both classroom lecture and clinical experience formats. Clinical experiences allow students to gain knowledge though hands-on experimentation and application of classroom learning. To remain in the program and progress appropriately, students must maintain a grade of no lower than “C” for all courses.

Graduation from this program prepares students for the rigorous licensure process which enables them to begin careers in the fast-paced world of nursing. Nurses are needed in a wide array of settings including regular medical practices, long-term facilities and hospitals. Completion of this program also lays the foundation for even further learning, as a graduate then has the option of pursuing a Master or Doctoral degree.

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