College of St. Mount Joseph Nursing Program Review

College of St. Mount Joseph (MSJ, CMSJ) was founded by the Sisters of Charity in 1920. And, to this day, it is built on a liberal arts foundation, which includes ethical leadership in the curriculum.

Above everything else, College of Saint Mount Joseph is focused on delivering top quality academics to their students. Here, students aren’t just challenged to explore intellectual talents, but are also given the help that they need to discover new ways to serve the common good.

College of St. Mount Joseph – Nursing

This program is built on more than eighty years of experience in nursing education, wherein students have become very effective administrators, educators and practitioners in the field.

This program has been accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and has been approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree/Day Track

To apply for this program, students will need to complete 98 hours of study – 21 hours of prerequisite courses, 59 hours of major courses and 18 hours of cognate courses.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing/Accelerated Track for Registered Nurses

To apply for this program, students will need to complete 63 hours of study – 18 hours of prerequisite courses, 24 hours of major courses and 21 hours of cognate courses.

Master of Nursing Program

Students who have always wanted to embark on a nursing career can reach this goal in only 15 months with the Master of Nursing program – and this already includes clinical experience. Students who have bachelor’s degrees in other fields of study can also take the full-time MN program to pursue a career in nursing. This program also opens up extra options in financial aid.

Nursing Scholarships

Catherine Relihan Scholarship

Every year, a student is awarded this scholarship upon entering the MN program at the College of Mount St. Joseph. This $5,000 scholarship is distributed over the program’s four semesters.

Robert Wood Johnson Scholarships for Master of Nursing Program

This scholarship is awarded to ten different students in the MN program and is worth $10,000 each. Groups who are underrepresented in the field of nursing and those who come from an economically-disadvantaged background are given preference for this particular scholarship.

Nursing Learning Labs

College of Mount St. Joseph has come up with Nursing Learning Labs as an effective and efficient solution to expand their facilities for their growing amount of students.

Aquinas Hall has been entirely renovated into a nursing center with two levels, where classrooms and labs have been expanded and new technology has been incorporated for a new level of nursing excellence altogether.

The entire design of the places efficiently uses space and and has even more room available to grow. Plus, it complements the clinical and classroom learning needed in the nursing curriculum very well.

The Nursing Leaning Labs are supported by the Campaign for Nursing Excellence – and this includes the expansion of equipment, technology and labs for the College of Mount St. Joseph’s entire nursing program.

College of Mount St. Joseph
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