Cochran School of Nursing Review

The Cochran School of Nursing (CSN) at St. John’s Riverside Hospital is the oldest hospital-based nursing school in this area of New York. The program leads to an Associate in Applied Science, and there are over 150 students currently enrolled in the program. The program is part of St. John’s Riverside Hospital that cares for patients in Yonkers and Southern Westchester. The hospital has been in existence since 1869. State-of-the art medical technology is used at St. John’s, and nursing students train on this equipment.

Nursing Program

Associate in Applied Science

Classes that lead to an Associate in Applied Science are offered at St. John’s Cochran School of Nursing on a daytime or evening basis. Students accepted into the program are expected to complete it in two years consisting of four semesters. Licensed Practical Nurses are able to enter the program to become Registered Nurses (RNs) and complete the program in 18 months consisting of 3 semesters. The nursing school also offers a Fast Track program that can be completed in less time.

Students who are enrolled in the Day Theory Section attend courses full-time. Classes are held twice a week and last four to five hours. Clinical practice is twice a week as well, usually lasting from 7 AM to 4 PM. Student who choose to attend the Evening Theory Section also attend classes twice each week, but their classes last from 5:30 PM until 11 PM. Their clinical practice hours are also from 5:30 PM to 11:30 PM twice each week. Evening students must also spend some daytime and weekend hours for classes and clinical work.

Applicants to the nursing program at the hospital must be US citizens or legal residents of the US. Once a student is accepted into the program, the student must pass a physical examination that includes screening tests and immunizations. Applicants must have the physical abilities needed for nursing, such as the ability to lift 50 pounds, work on their feet for around eight hours or more each day, and the applicant must also have the motor coordination and manual dexterity to perform nursing duties. Visual acuity and auditory acuity are also necessary for performing routine nursing duties.

The Cochran School of Nursing also requires that a non-refundable application is paid to the school when the application is submitted. Applicants should also submit all high school and college transcripts. Applicants must also take a computerized Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) at the nursing school within one month of applying to begin the program. Financial aid is available for students who need assistance paying their tuition at the nursing school. Most students who apply for financial aid receive approximately two-thirds of the cost of the tuition and are responsible for paying only one-third of it. This is a great help to those who would not otherwise be able to attend the program.

Applicants must also be high school graduates or have a GED. They must have at a grade of C in high school algebra, biology, and chemistry. If these were not taken in high school, they must be completed on the college level with a grade of B or better. Applicants must also take microbiology and anatomy and physiology with a minimum grade of B in these courses. Licensed Practical Nurses who meet all of the entrance requirements may be exempt from Nursing 101, a basic nursing course. After students complete the curriculum at Cochran School of Nursing, they qualify to take the national examination for licensure as a RN.

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