CNA Programs in Arkansas

If you’re looking into Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) programs in Arkansas, then there are several important things you need to know before you make any decisions.

The first thing you should know is that in Arkansas, a CNA is also known as a Patient Care Technician (PCT).

Who Qualifies for CNA Training In Arkansas?

If you want to train as a patient care technician or CNA in Arkansas, you don’t necessarily have to have a high school diploma or GED. Some of the training programs will accept people who are still in high school, or who did not complete it.

However, if you plan to work as a CNA in Arkansas once you are qualified and certified, you will probably need to prove that you are 18, and that you have a GED or high school diploma. Those are usually prerequisites to being hired as a CNA in the state.

What Does CNA Training in Arkansas Entail?

Like most other states, the Arkansas CNA training program incorporates several different proficiencies, including learning to take patient vital signs, changing dressings, monitoring patients, administrative skills and more.

Training covers both practical and theoretical issues related to working as a CNA, and because most Arkansas employers require you to know CPR, most courses include CPR training and certification.

Training courses last several weeks, and once you have completed your chosen course, you will still need to take the state competency exam, which is administered by the Department of Health and Human Services, before you can work as a CNA.

As with most states’ CNA training programs, the amount of training required before you can start working and earning is relatively low, so if you would like to pursue a career in the medical field, buy can’t afford college right now, this may just be the stepping stone you’re looking for.

Where Can You Train as a CNA in Arkansas?

Like most other states, most community colleges in Arkansas offer CNA training. Several other governmental and non governmental organisations also offer training however, as well as some nursing homes and hospitals, and while most courses will cost you money, there are some that you can take for free.

What Are the Career Prospects for a CNA in Arkansas?

The State of Arkansas has identified Certified Nursing Assistants as one of the careers in Arkansas with long term growth potential. In fact, at present, they expect more than 20% growth in employment opportunities, all the way through 2016, so this is definitely a career with growth potential.

There are plenty of jobs out there for a qualified CNA, and that’s probably one of the reasons so many people are attracted to the profession.

What Does a CNA Earn In Arkansas

Currently, the median salary for a CNA in Arkansas is just under $20,000 per annum, but there are positions that offer more or less than that. It will depend largely on the institution, the area, and your level of experience.

However, since this is a career that offers significant potential, both in terms of industry growth, and of personal improvement and advancement within the medical field, it’s well worth considering becoming a CNA in Arkansas.

Arkansas CNA Registry
Arkansas Department of Human Services Office of Long-term Care
PO Box 8059, Slot S405
Little Rock, Arkansas  72203
Automated Line:  (501) 682-8484
Direct Line: (501) 682-1807

Arkansas State Board of Nursing
University Tower Bldg.
1123 South University Suite 800
Little Rock, Arkansas 72204-1619
(501) 686-2700

Accredited CNA Training Classes & Programs in Arkansas

Arkansas State University Nursing Assistant Course – Searcy

P.O. Box 909, Searcy, Arkansas 72145

East Arkansas Community College Nursing Assistant Program – Forrest City

1700 Newcastle Road, Forrest City, Arkansas 72335

North Arkansas College CNA Class – Harrison

1515 Pioneer Drive, Harrison, Arkansas 72601

Northwest Arkansas Community College (NWACC) – Burns Hall Campus

One College Drive, Bentonville, Arkansas 72712

Phillips Community College – Stuttgart

2807 Hwy. 165 South, Stuttgart, Arkansas 72160

Phillips Community College CNA Course – DeWitt

1210 Ricebelt Ave. Hwy 165, DeWitt, Arkansas 72042

Phillips Community College Nurse Aide Training Program – Helena

1000 Campus Drive, Helena, Arkansas 72342

South Arkansas Community College – El Dorado

300 South West Ave., El Dorado, Arkansas 71730

University of Arkansas CC – Batesville

2005 White Drive, Batesville, Arkansas 72501

University of Arkansas CC Nurse Aide Training – Morrilton

1537 University Blvd., Morrilton, Arkansas 72110

University of Arkansas Community College – Hope

2500 South Main, Hope, Arkansas 71801