Clemson University Nursing School Review

A beautiful oasis in a bustling area, Clemson University (CU) in South Carolina offers students tremendous opportunity for learning and growth through its many degree programs. Originally established as a military school according to the wishes of Thomas Green Clemson who dreamed of rehabilitating his beloved South, Clemson now awards over 1,100 degrees a year to its varied and devoted students.

Nursing Program Review

The Nursing Program at Clemson University embodies the school’s core value of excellence, providing a thorough progression of study for all students interested in careers in the dynamic and fast-paced field of nursing. Students are encouraged to reach their full potential and reach for personal and professional aspirations as they study under the guidance of highly qualified, passionate faculty members.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program introduces students to a generalized Nursing education and prepares them to sit for state board exams to earn licensure as Registered Nurses. These nurses are crucial members of medical teams, working under the direct supervision of such medical professionals as physicians and dentists and offering supervision to lower-level Licensed Practical Nurses, RNs help to develop and implement treatment plans for a variety of patients. This program instills a sense of responsibility not just for the medical needs of a patient but for the interpersonal, emotional and spiritual needs as well. This four-year program incorporates both classroom lecture and clinical experiences to provide theoretical and application knowledge and skills. Early clinical experiences are offered in highly advanced simulation environments to give students a safe introduction to the techniques. Later in the program students will encounter actual hospital patients and learn to offer physical and compassionate care.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing for Registered Nurses Program

This program is intended for Registered Nurses already holding valid licensure who want to increase their credentials through earning a BSN. This hybrid course of study offers flexibility to busy RNs needing to fulfill professional and personal obligations while also pursuing an advanced education. Students engage in both classroom participation and online courses throughout the fall, spring and summer semesters until the full progression is completed in approximately 12 months.

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Program

The MSN Program at Clemson University provides several avenues for building upon a graduate student’s Bachelor Degree. Students choose from six tracks of study: Child/Adolescent Nursing, Adult/ Gerontological Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner, Adult/ Gerontological Nurse Practitioner, Nursing Administration, and Nursing Education. Each of these specialty areas prepares students for advanced roles and responsibilities within their career field, including becoming a primary care provider for diverse populations. Interested students must present references, satisfactory GRE scores earned within the five years prior to application, and documentation of valid, unrestricted licensure.

Doctor of Philosophy in Healthcare Genetics Program

Clemson is proud to offer the first Interdisciplinary Program culminating in a PhD in Healthcare Genetics. This degree is awarded to exceptional students seeking positions in the fields of research, political implications and healthcare systems as they apply to Nursing. The courses within this program are taught by highly skilled professionals within multiple disciplines. Graduates from this program make a tremendous impact on contemporary Nursing and the healthcare field as a whole.

Leadership Certificate Program

Offered to all students in the College of Health, Education and Human Development, the Leadership Certificate Program is a condensed course that instills in students the skills and attitudes necessary to embrace roles of leadership within the community and their chosen career fields. This program is intended for upper level students entering the end of their programs. Completion of the program earns the student recognition in the form of degree insignia and a certificate.

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