Clearfield County Career and Technology Center Nursing Program Review

Created in 1969, Clearfield County Career and Technology Center (CCCTC) offers career preparation and technical education to high school students and adults in Central Pennsylvania. This education prepares these students to compete in the workforce outside of its technologically advanced campus.

Nursing Program

The intensive Nursing Program at Clearfield County Career and Technology Center strives to prepare its students for the fast-paced and in-demand field of practical nursing. Through this program graduates will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed on the licensing exams and seek employment through a variety medical facilities and opportunities.

Practical Nursing

Practical Nurses provide basic bedside care to patients dealing with common medical problems. Working under the direct supervision of Registered Nurses and physicians, LPNs administer simple care and participate in treatment plans to offer patients the best care possible. With a 95% career placement rate for its graduating classes, the Practical Nursing program through CCCTC is proven a thorough and effective training option.

How Long Will it Take?

The 48-week course of study is divided into three progressive semesters. These semesters are comprised both of classroom lecture and clinical experience instruction. The lecture portion of the program is offered through the cutting edge CCCTC campus, while clinical experiences are handled in various medical locations in the area, including hospitals and long-term care institutions. A technologically advanced simulation lab is offered for enhanced learning when hands-on experience is not possible.

Admission Requirements

Interested applicants must meet certain requirements prior to gaining admission into the Practical Nursing program. Applicants must offer proof of graduation from an accredited high school or GED or home school equivalent. They must also meet pre-entrance exam standards. As with any part of the medical field, good health of the students is important so applicants are expected to present documentation of a complete physical along with necessary immunizations.

Moral character is an essential aspect of an effective Practical Nurse, which is why applicants must undergo a comprehensive criminal and background check as well as gaining full child abuse clearance. Applicants with certain crimes or negative behaviors in their past will cause them to be ineligible.

Advanced Placement

Some applicants may have post-secondary experience or education that would enable them to benefit from advanced placement in the Practical Nursing program. These students should contact the director of the program and undergo individual evaluation as to confirm the placement. Applicants that gain approval for advanced placement will enter the program in either the second or third semester.

The admissions process for advanced placement includes showing proof of previous experience in the nursing field as well as a letter of recommendation from the Head of the Nursing Program. An additional reference must be offered by an instructor of clinical nursing that documents satisfactory understanding and mastery of objectives that would be covered in the semesters to the “skipped” by the advanced placement. Comprehensive exams comprised of information presented in these semesters must also be passed.

Successful graduates of this program will be prepared to seek employment in various medical environments such as doctor’s offices, hospitals, private employment and military service.

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