Chester County Intermediate Unit Nursing Program Review

Reaching out to students of various ages and aspirations, Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) provides continuing education opportunities for high school students through adults. The passionate faculty prepares students to meth the demanding needs of the professional world. Courses are designed to create excellence and unparalleled preparation in the student’s field of study.

Nursing Program

Practical Nursing Program

The Practical Nursing program at Chester County Intermediate Unit prepares students to pursue careers in the medical field as practical nurses. A practical nurse provides simple care to patients with basic health concerns, performing tasks such as preparing and administering injections, basic wound care and life tasks such as bathing and dressing. Practical nurses work under the direct supervision of registered nurses and physicians to create a full spectrum of patient care. The CCIU program gives students the sound education and clinical experience needed to create a successful nurturing career.

How Long Does the Program Take?

CCIU provides students several flexible scheduling options so they can pursue their further education in a way that fits with their other work and family obligations. A full time option allows students to complete the program in twelve months. Courses begin in the fall and winter and are offered four days per week. A second option is completed in 23 months. These courses begin in the spring and are offered four evenings per week, making this an ideal option for those students with full-time jobs or family obligations that may prevent them from being able to attend the nursing program during the day.

CCIU Admissions Requirements

The Practical Nursing program through Chester County Intermediate Unit has specific admission requirements that must be met before interested students can begin their course of study. First, applicants must hold a high school diploma or its equivalent from an accredited institution and provide transcripts from said institutions. In addition to this proof of previous education, interested applicants must also show themselves as able to benefit from advanced learning through both testing and personal interviews. The applicant must present references and recommendations that demonstrate ability to learn as well as moral character. After these documents have been submitted the applicant must pass entrance exams with satisfactory scores.

 Background and criminal checks must show the applicant to have no history of specific crimes including physical acts of violence and child abuse. Finally, a physical examination and necessary vaccinations will ensure good health needed to engage in medical training. Once all of these requirements are successfully completed the student can enroll. Proper CPR certification must be acquired before or during enrollment for the student to remain eligible.

Practical Nursing Course of Study

The complete Practical Nursing program consists of over 700 hours of classroom learning and clinical experiences. The course of study is divided into four levels, each of which builds upon the learning of the previous level to create a well-rounded and balanced program. Classroom-based lectures and hands-on clinical learning are provided concurrently, with the clinical training being offered in area hospitals and community care centers.

Level I

The first level of Practical Nursing training is the most course-heavy of the four. It includes studies in Fundamentals of Nursing, Anatomy and Physiology, Pharmacology, and Foundations in Nursing Education. This level creates the basis for learning centered on the core responsibilities of practical nursing.

Level II

The second level includes an introduction to Medical-Surgical nursing. This includes the specialized type of nursing that must be offered to surgical and oncology patients as well as those with certain diseases. Following the introduction, students engage in furthered learning of certain scientific principles related to treatment of such patients.

Level III

Level III provides training in Maternal and Child nursing which focuses on the care of women during pregnancy, delivery and the post-partum period. This course also offers experience in childhood concerns. This level also furthers the learning of Medical-Surgical nursing.

Level IV

The fourth level of the Practical Nursing program prepares students for the issues associated with the nursing field with a course regarding leadership issues, licensing and like topics. This level also offers a course in IV methodology and the final installment of Medical-Surgical nursing instruction.

Completion of this program will prepare students to take licensing exams required by state legislation in order to enter the professional field.

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