Chesapeake College Nursing Program Review

Chesapeake College (CC) was Maryland’s first regional community college, and began admitting students in 1967. The first students attended classes held in the Queen Anne’s County High School in Centreville. The campus in Wye Mills opened in 1969.

The College offers two year associate degree programs in liberal arts and sciences, as well as career programs. The college enrolls almost 4000 students each semester, and the average class size is 18. In addition to the Wye Mills campus, the College offers classes at the Cambridge Center in Cambridge and the Center for Allied Health, located at the Memorial Hospital-Shore Health System in Easton.

Nursing Programs

Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN)

The Chesapeake College/MacQueen Gibbs Willis (MGW) nursing program trains students to be entry-level nurses. Students that complete the program will earn their degree and be eligible to take the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX-RN) to become a Registered Nurse (RN). Students are admitted to this program during the fall semester.

To apply to this program, students are required to be high school graduates or equivalent, apply to the College and take the Academic Skills Assessment. Students that are assessed as having college level math and English skills may enroll in the nursing prerequisites, as long as they took Chemistry and Biology in high school with a C or higher. All other students must take the courses required by the assessment exam, and college level Chemistry and Biology, if necessary. They will also need to submit their high school transcripts, and consult with an academic advisor.

The prerequisite classes for this program are Anatomy and Physiology I and II, General Psychology, English Composition, Microbiology, and a Math elective. All prerequisites must be taken with a grade of C or higher.

During the first semester of this program, lectures are scheduled for one day each week, simulations are one day a week, and clinical activities are one day a week. The remaining semesters will have classes one day a week and clinical time two days a week.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) to RN Transition

LPNs that wish to earn their associate degree and become RNs may enroll in this program. This program gives LPNs advanced standing in the ASN program, once they have met all the application requirements listed above and have taken all general education classes.

In addition, LPNs must have a current LPN license, submit transcripts from their LPN program, and be CPR certified. They will also have to take the LPN to RN Transition course with a C or higher to be admitted to the second year of the ASN program.

Paramedic to RN Transition

Paramedics may take this course to become RNs. This is offered in partnership with the Community College of Baltimore County.

Students must meet the entry requirements for the ASN program listed above, including having taken the prerequisite classes. In addition, they must also take Human Growth and Development. They must also show proof of their Paramedic Certification and National Board of Registry Certification, as well as have two years of work experience as a Paramedic. After meeting these requirements, they may take the ASN Transition course, and be admitted to the ASN program.

Continuing Education


Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

This program trains students to provide basic care to patients under RN supervision. Anyone in Maryland that wishes to work as a nursing assistant must complete an approved nursing assistant course. This class accepts eight students at a time.

To register, students must have completed Career Planning for CNA/GNAs, and score at least a 45 on the Reading Comprehension exam. They will also need to have a background check and drug screening. It is recommended that they attend a Health Careers Orientation session, as well.

Case Manager/Delegate Nurse

RNs working as Case Managers and Delegate Nurses in assisted living facilities are required to take this course. Students in this course will also be trained to teach the Medication Technician for Assisted Living class. Students must have a current RN license to register.

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