Chatham University Nursing School Review

Chatham University (CU) prides itself in preparing its students for the challenges of the professional world beyond its two campuses. Established originally as Pennsylvania Female College in 1869, this University now boasts three separate colleges within itself. Chatham College for Women remains true to the original inspiration of the school, while a Graduate Studies college and a College of Continued and Professional Education offer advanced studies as far as the doctoral level for both men and women. This historic school creates graduates with the experience and knowledge for success.

Nursing Programs

Chatham University offers three degrees within its nursing program. These degrees build upon each other to further the education of interested students beyond the level of registered nurse to holding a doctorate in nursing.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN)

The RN to BSN program through Chatham’s College for Continuing and Professional Studies continues the previous education of an RN to provide her with a Bachelor’s degree. A full time student within this program can complete the requirements and earn the RN to BSN degree within two semesters. In order to gain admittance into the program an interested applicant must provide the school with official transcripts from all previous institutions of learning, a completed application and a copy of her current nursing license. The program includes three components: liberal arts electives, clinical experience and core nursing requirements.

Liberal arts electives fulfill the general education requirements of a Bachelor’s degree. These courses are offered online so that students can them at their convenience. Clinical experiences provide tactical knowledge that is crucial to a nurse’s success and effectiveness. In order to complete these requirements students engage in a self-directed placement process that enables them to fulfill clinical experiences. Students must also complete a clinical project each semester. Arrangements for clinical components of courses must be put into place at least two weeks prior to the start of the course. The total program requires the completion of 120 credits. Though transfer credits are accepted, the core nursing courses, along with 45 general education credits, must be completed at Chatham. Interested students with certain educational backgrounds have the option of choosing an accelerated completion program to earn their degrees faster.

Master of Science in Nursing

The Masters degree in Nursing advances the education of a BSN to allow successful graduates to pursue leadership positions or positions in teaching nursing. Those seeking a Master of Science in Nursing degree must first earn a BSN. The Master’s program consists of ten courses that are completed two every seven weeks as to allow students to earn the degree in approximately ten months. Students complete five core MSN courses and must select between a Leadership/Management or Education Specialty track for the remaining five courses.

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Chatham University offers a fully accredited Doctor of Nursing Practice program that allows students holding a Master’s degree in nursing to further their education in order to become experts in the nursing field as to pursue high leadership and educational positions. The 27 credit curriculum can be completed by a full time student over three semesters. In order to obtain admission into the program students must present a completed application, an admissions essay, two letters of professional recommendation and a copy of their valid RN license. Due to the post-Master’s nature of the doctoral program, applicants must also provide evidence of 500 supervised clinical experience hours. An applicant’s portfolio must be substantiated through appropriate documentation for acceptance.

Graduates of the Chatham University nursing program will be prepared to entire the medical field in various occupations. Nurses can seek careers through private employment, medical practices, hospitals, military service and other capacities.

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