Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit Nursing Program Review

For over 40 years the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit (CSIU) has been offering programs and services for the people and schools of the Susquehanna Valley. Nursing classes are offered at the LPN center, with required clinical experience hours accessible in many area care settings.

Nursing Programs

Licensed Practical Nursing Certification

The Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit prepares its adult students to pursue careers as licensed practical nurses. These nurses provide basic bedside care to patients of all types. Students are able to attend classes and perform clinical experiences locally with experienced faculty to achieve their goals as quickly as possible.

How Long Does the Program Take?

The Licensed Practical Nursing program from Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit is designed for intensive study during a short period. The entire program can be completed in one year. Courses begin and end each August, and courses are held weekdays from 8 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. Thought the clinical experience aspect of the program is generally fulfilled in the mornings but occasionally these experiences must be completed in the evenings. If there is enough interest in pursuing a part time program of study, there may be offered a two year course of study for those wanting to further their learning while also fulfilling work and family obligations.

CSIU Admission Requirements

For admission into the LPN program at CSIU interested applicants must submit a completed application along with official copies of high school transcript or G.E.D. scores, or any transferable college credits. Also required are two letters of recommendation. These letters should be from appropriate references that are able to cite not only experience in the nursing field and academic or professional merit, but also moral character. Though there are not strict requirements as to who these references must be, it is preferable that these letters come from teachers or medical professionals, and they may not come from any members of the applicant’s family.

Tracks and Courses

Applicants to the LPN program have a choice of two educational tracks to complete their nursing instruction. Track 1 requires that all necessary courses be completed at CSIU, while Track 2 allows those applicants that have already completed the general education courses associated with the LPN program to take only the nursing courses at CSIU. Students with prior experience in the health care field may be able to earn advanced placement through faculty approval. Both the full and part time programs consist of over 1,500 hours of combined lecture, clinical and laboratory study. The full time course of study is divided into 3 progressive levels, while the part time program is divided into 6. At the end of such programs successful graduates will earn a certificate of completion. They will be prepared for the licensing exam that will enable them to seek careers in the professional field.

A career as an LPN enables graduates to work in several areas. LPNs can seek private employment, work in medical practices, hospitals or institutions, or enter military duty. Successful completion of this program also provides a basis for further education and earning of higher credentials for professional advancement.

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