Central New Mexico Community College Nursing Program Review

Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) boasts to be the state’s largest community college besides being the largest-post secondary education center after University of New Mexico. It opened doors for the first students in 1965 as Albuquerque Tech and Vocation Institute (TVI). During its early years, it offered diploma, certificate and continuing education programs until 1986 when it was granted the mandate to offer 2-year degrees. 

The name was changed to CNM in 2006 to reflect its expanded scope of academic programs. It operates from the main campus in Buena Vista –Albuquerque, 4 satellite campuses and 2 learning centers around Albuquerque.

Nursing at Central New Mexico University

CNM is a good place to start for students looking forward to get into the nursing profession at the very basic level or plunging directly into professional nursing.  It offers 2 certificate programs in nursing assisting, a practical nursing certificate program and a 2-year associate degree in nursing option. It also offers a mobility program to licensed practical nurses seeking advanced standing in the registered nurse (RN) program. The nurse refresher course is also offered to RN who has been of out of practice for long.

Nursing Assistant, Certificate of Achievement

This is a short 150 hours course: 45 lab, 45 clinical and 60 theory designed to train entry-level students on basic patient care skills. Upon completion, students receive a Certificate of Achievement in Nursing Assistant besides becoming eligible for the State Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) exam.

Nursing Assistant/ Unit Coordinator, Certificate of Achievement (NAUC)

This program includes two 8-week courses: a complete package of the 6-credit nursing assisting course mentioned above and another 6-credit patient care technique course. Upon completion of the nursing assisting course, students must take the CNA exam before taking the second patient care course. Completion leads to the award of a NAUC Certificate of Achievement.

Practical Nursing, Certificate of Completion

The CNM practical nursing program is a limited entry program. Candidate must have current certification as a Certified Nurse Assistant or take a selected alternative nursing course from the University of New Mexico.

The program’s curriculum consists of 48 credit hours: 31 nursing and 17 of general education, designed to be completed in 3 terms. Upon completion students become eligible to take the NCLEX-PN exam to become Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN). Graduates can choose to exit or seek advanced placement in the registered nursing program.

Nursing, Associate of Applied Science (AASN)

This CNM registered nurse program is a limited entry program that prepares students for the NLCEX-RN exam. Candidates are expected to have a current CNA license; otherwise, they should take a selected alternative course from University of New Mexico.

The program has a curriculum of 72 credits designed to be completed in 4 terms of full time study. 42 credits and 30 credits are for nursing and general education courses respectively. Upon completion, students receive the AASN degree and become eligible for the NLCEX-RN exam for initial licensure as registered nurses.

Nursing (LPN Mobility), Associate of Applied Science

The LPN mobility program allows licensed practical nurses with valid licenses to become registered nurses (RN) by advanced placement. Candidates must show proof of at least 1000hours LPN working experience taken in last two years. It is also a limited entry and competitive program. Candidates that meet the general admission requirements of the AASN program plus the above LPN qualifications are eligible to apply.

Upon admission, students take a LPN transition course for which they receive 18 credits from their prior LPN program. These credits are held in an escrow account and are awarded to the students upon completion of all other nursing course for LPN mobility track. In total, students must have 72 credits, including those of advanced placement to be eligible for graduation. They also become eligible to apply and sit for the NLCEX-RN exam to become registered nurses.

Nurse Refresher

This consists of two nurse refresher courses: a theory course, 7-credit hours and a clinical application course, 2 credit hours. Registered nurse interested in this program must first obtain at least a temporary RN or LPN license. Occasionally, Central New Mexico Community College also offers Continuing Education Units for RNs. Such include IV procedures for Nurses and Non-Licensed Professionals.

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