Central Community College Nursing Program Review

Central Community College (CCC) was established in 1971 following a state legislature vote that required each county in the state to be affiliated with a community college. As such, two distinct colleges: Columbus and Hastings came together to form Central Community College, one of the six community colleges in Nebraska. The community college then added two three more centers Kearney, Lexington and Holdrege to the colleges’ fraternity. Central CC services 25 counties of the state by through multiple campuses offering certificate, diploma and two years programs in various field of study.

Nursing at Central Community College-Nebraska

Under the nursing department of Central Community College, there are multiple nursing programs to choose from. Programs range from certificate to associate degree programs. In total, there are four nursing programs; three of which lead to an associate degree in nursing and one practical nursing program.  There are also refresher courses for each of the two mainstream nursing programs. The associate degree tracks are accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission. The four programs are approved by the Nebraska Board of Nursing. Campuses locations and specific details for each program given are below:

Practical Nursing

The Practical Nursing (PN) program at Central Community College leads to the award of a Diploma in practical nursing.  It is offered in multi-campus locations of the college namely, Kearney, Lexington, Columbus and Grand Island in 1year full time or 2 years part time options.  It is a career mobility program that requires 43-49 credit hours to complete and become eligible to write the NCLEX-PN exam to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

LPN Mobility

The practical nursing program through its mobility status offers an opportunity to its graduates to get into the Associate degree in nursing program (ADN). Students who wish to continue with the mobility program from the PN diploma must reapply afresh from the colleges Grand Island campus.


This is an additional course for licensed practical nurses who want to take extra tasks in nursing. Such include nasal-gastric tubes insertions, IV therapy and patient assessment and intervention.  The LPN-C course enables LPNs to have a wide scope of practice than usual LPN graduates.




LPN Refresher Courses

The refreshers courses for LPNs are meant to meet the required contact hours for re-licensure in Nebraska. The refreshers courses are also important for nurses who want to make a comeback after prolonged breaks from practice.

Registered Nursing

The Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) is a two-year or three-year full time and part time program respectively offered in full at Grand Island campus. However, some selected courses of the program can be completed in three other locations namely Lexington, Columbus and Kearney. The freshman courses can be completed in the Grand Island or at Kearney and Columbus campuses.  Courses with a clinical rotation component can be completed at Lexington, Kearney and Columbus. However, the number of students taking clinical rotations at the latter two campuses is very limited and chances are high that most students remain in Grand Island. Having completed 72 credit hours, student become eligible to apply and write the NCLEX-RN exam to become registered nurses.

Advanced Placement for LPNs

Licensed practical nurses from other colleges may also complete the ADN program at Central Community College. Such students must complete advanced placement curriculum prior to admission into the ADN. After successful completion of the advanced health assessment course for LPNs and fulfillment of other academic requirements for the ADN, students join the program as sophomores. An additional 33 nursing credit hours must be completed to be eligible to apply for the NCLEX-RN exam.

RN Refresher Courses

The RN refresher courses are meant to help registered nurses meet the requirement for re-licensure in the state.

Paramedic to RN Transition

For Paramedics who wish to become registered nurses, Central Community College offers them an opportunity to do so. Paramedics need to take 3 Paramedic to RN transition courses totaling to 7 credit hours upon for they receive advanced placement in recognition of their previous qualification. After completion of the transition courses, paramedics follow the same sequence of progression as the LPN to RN students.

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