Cayuga Community College Nursing Program Review

Cayuga Community College (CCC), previously known as Cayuga County Community College (CCCC), is a liberal arts community college that is one of the 64 institutions that make up the State University of New York (SUNY) network of accredited schools. Located in central New York, Cayuga offers a Registered Nursing (RN) program that leads to an Associate in Applied Science degree in Nursing at both campuses. Students often choose Cayuga because of its accessibility and the low tuition that is offered. Both the Auburn and Fulton campuses have over 4,000 students enrolled in their programs.

Nursing Program

Associate in Applied Science Degree in Nursing

The Associate in Applied Science degree in Nursing (AAS) offered at Cayuga prepares graduates to take the NCLEX exam that leads to certification as a Registered Nurse. Students must earn 69 credits and maintain at least a C+ in nursing and biology courses to qualify for graduation. Students must also complete the general education requirements of the college plus all required courses in the nursing curriculum. The AAS degree in Nursing prepares graduates to enter the work force as RNs. Many students choose to complete their Associate’s Degree in Nursing and begin working. At a later time, they may choose the option of continuing their education by enrolling in a Bachelor’s Degree program. Some nursing students purposely earn their AAS at a community college like Cayuga and then transfer to a Bachelor’s Degree program for two years to earn their Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). This option saves money in the amount of tuition paid because a community college almost always has lower tuition than colleges and universities offering Baccalaureate Degrees.

Those who are interested in Cayuga’s AAS program must be admitted to the college first and then to the Nursing Program. Students are admitted to the Auburn campus program every year in the fall and at the Fulton campus every other fall on even years. Applications must be submitted, along with transcripts and other necessary information, around one year before the student wants to begin classes. Applicants must be high school graduates or equivalent and must pass the admission tests administered by Cayuga County Community College. In math, they must have minimum grades on the Cayuga placement test or on an entry level math course at the college. They must also have completed pre-calculus or higher in high school with a grade of C or higher. In addition, a grade of C or higher in high school or college biology and chemistry is required. A grade point average (GPA) of C in overall high school classes is also required.

Applicants must also take the Nursing Entrance Exam to gain entrance to the AAS program. They must earn a minimum grade of 70 on all sections of the exam. It is also suggested that the applicant has completed Biology 203 and 204 with a C+ grade or higher. The applicant must also pass the TOEFL exam if English is not their first language. An additional requirement is consenting to drug testing upon request and background checks. Admittance to the AAS Nursing Program is competitive, and those who apply are not necessarily admitted to the program. Applicants for licensure as an RN must be of good moral character, so they may not have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor or have charges pending against them.

Cayuga’s curriculum is arranged by semesters, and the AAS in Nursing takes four semesters to complete. In the first semester of the initial year in the Nursing Program, students take English I, Nursing Success Strategies, Fundamentals of Patient Care, Anatomy and Physiology I, and Physical Education. During the second semester, Nursing in Physical/Mental Health I, Health Assessment I, Introduction to Sociology, and Anatomy and Physiology II are required. The second year, first semester consists of Family/Community Nursing I, Nursing in Physical/Mental Health II, Health Assessment II, General Microbiology, Introduction to Psychology, and Physical Education. During the final semester, students take Effective Speech: Public Address, Family/Community Nursing II, Nursing in Physical/Mental Health III, Trends in Nursing, Pharmacology, and Developmental Psychology.

In addition to these courses, students must complete clinical nursing assignments in a variety of settings. These may include hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and other health care facilities. Students are assigned to Oswego Hospital, Veterans Medical Center, Auburn Nursing Home, Auburn Memorial Hospital, University Hospital, Hutchings Psychiatric Center, or other facilities. They may also spend time working at the Oswego County Health Department locations or the Cayuga County Health Department locations. Theory instruction is also required online or via video conferencing. Students must also have CPR certification during their time in the Cayuga nursing program.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Advanced Placement

LPNs may gain a seat in the AAS program, but admittance is based on available space in Nursing 102. Applicants must meet all admission requirements and have a C+ or higher in Biology 203. In addition, English 101 and Biology 204 are suggested. Also, applicants must have graduated from an accredited LPN program in the past two years with a GPA of 3.0 or better. They must also take the Excelsior college online Fundamentals of Nursing Exam and score 80 percent or better. Applicants must complete the Nursing Department Skill Competency Evaluation with a satisfactory grade as well and then complete the Nursing Bridge Course that is a non-credit course. Once admitted to the AAS program, LPNs who have met all of the prerequisites may then complete the program with 60 credits.


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