Carroll College Nursing Program Review

In 1909, Mount St. Charles College was founded by Bishop Carroll. Just over 20 years later, the college changed its name and named in honor of the founder bishop. As was the intentions of the founder, Carroll College still holds to it the Catholic ecumenical traditions of the second Vatican Council. It is a college where students engage in career entry programs with a liberal arts outlook and a tradition of nurturing social and spiritual awareness.

The Nursing Program at Carroll College

One nursing program is offered at Carroll College (CC) giving students a coursework progression that leads to a bachelor of science in nursing. The baccalaureate program with a major in nursing is offered on a full time basis and students enjoy undivided attention from the nursing faculty. Accreditation for the program is through the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and it has been approved by the Montana Board of Nursing.

Baccalaureate Nursing program

For the four years of the nursing program at Carroll, students start-off with a pre nursing status and only progress to the nursing major after the pre-nursing and co-requisites courses are completed. Students who have completed at least 30 credits in sophomore standing are ready to start on their nursing courses at the second semester of the sophomore year. In this case therefore, student nurse at the college begin their clinical experience from as early as the 2nd year.  Largely, clinical sessions are completed at Montana State Prison in addition to other health agencies around Helena. Completion of the required curriculum leads to eligibility to apply for the NLCEX-RN exam and become registered nurses

Special Features of the Nursing Program at Carroll College

Sigma Theta Tau

Carroll College is part of the Sigma Theta Tau international Honor Society. The College is under the Zeta Upsilon Chapter of the honor society which was started as joint effort between Carroll College and Montana State University. The chapter recognizes advanced achievement from student nurses at either undergraduate or graduate level. On this note, 22 student nurses had been inducted into the Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society from Carroll College as of 2011.

Nursing Outreach

The nursing outreach program at Carroll College takes nursing students for an outreach program in Swaziland-Southern Africa. The outreach focuses on the perspectives of the HIV/ AIDS pandemic on the South African nation which has almost quarter of its population infected with the virus. The Swaziland destination was chosen seeing that it had almost the same population as Montana but had an infection ratio approximately of 750:1 (UNICEF) as compared to Montana.

During the outreach program, Carroll Students nurses interact with the country’s Parish nurses in their work towards helping the HIV/AIDS victims. Although the Parish Nursing program was scraped from Carroll College nursing curriculum, the Swaziland Study Abroad course is a kind on integration that reflects on holistic, empathic, spiritual and community nursing tasks of parish nurses.

Army ROTC Nursing Scholarships

For students who enroll for Army ROTC courses, there are Army ROTC scholarships for them at Carroll. The Army ROTC scholarships are great for nurses who want to serve in the military as Nurse Corps.

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