Carrington College Nursing Program Review

With ten locations across the country Carrington College brings higher education to a wide range of students. Through a fully immersive training and education regiment, Carrington College’s nursing program prepares its students for nurturing careers in the medical field. Students enjoy small classes and personalized attention while receiving thorough education and experience.

Nursing Programs

Registered Nursing Degree Program

The Registered Nursing program at Carrington College provides students with the base education and clinical experience necessary to pursue a career as a registered nurse. These nurses provide close patient care and perform analysis, diagnostic and planning tasks that aid other medical professionals in providing a full treatment protocol. These activities require a more extensive understanding of medical knowledge and methodology than practical nursing, which makes an RN a hired paid position with greater responsibility and involvement. This program prepares graduates to take licensing exams required by their particular state that will enable them to enter the professional field.

Completion of this program earns graduates an Associate of Science degree. This rigorous program is structured to take two years to complete and is a combination of classroom lectures and structured clinical experiences. Admission to this program requires a high school diploma or equivalent, successful passing of entrance exams, a personal interview with a college admissions representative and a completed application. A less intensive option for entering the nursing field is to seek certification through the Practical Nursing program. Though carrying with it less responsibility and fewer requirements, a career in this field is a vital aspect of health care.

Practical Nursing Certificate Program

The Practical Nursing program from Carrington College prepares students to seek employment as a practical nurse. Providing simple bedside care for common health issues, practical nurses work under the direct supervision of registered nurses and physicians to provide thorough, basic care to a variety of patients. This program will provide graduates with the skills and knowledge to perform tasks such as taking a patient’s vital signs and assisting with life activities including bathing and eating, as well as simple procedures such as giving injections and administering first aid. This program uses structured classroom learning with hands-on experience to teach the skills and knowledge needed for a practical nursing career. Hands-on experience includes clinical simulations to learn methodology and procedure, as well as supervised life applications of acquired skills.

Completion of this program earns graduates a Certificate of Achievement and enables them to take licensing exams specified by each state in order to seek employment in the professional field. Admission to this program requires the same prepatory and qualification activities as the Registered Nursing program with some program-specific modifications in terms of testing and score requirements.

Successful completion of either of these programs will enable graduates to seek certification and licensing in their chosen field. With the dramatic growth of the nursing profession, these graduates will enter a professional world in need of passionate and skilled workers. Graduates will be able to pursue careers in such areas personal home health workers, medical offices, hospitals, institutions, prisons and military service. Either of these programs also represents opportunity for furthered education to achieve advanced educational and experience credentials required for higher level careers.

Campus locations include;
Mesa, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix Westside, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Boise, ID
Albuquerque, NM
Las Vegas, NV
Reno, NV
Mesquite, TX
Spokane, WA

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