Types of Nursing Careers Archive

Radiology Nurse

Are you thinking about a career as a radiology nurse? Find out what they do, how to become one and what the career outlook and salary are for radiologic nurses.

Pulmonary Care Nurse

What is the role of a pulmonary care nurse? What education is required to become a nurse and the salary expectations and job outlook of these specialty nurses? Find out here.

Orthopedic Nurse

Find out the role of an orthopedic nurse. Learn what education is required to become an orthopedic nurse and what the expected career outlook and salary is for this specialty nursing position.

Ophthalmic Nurse

Detailed here are the job description and duties of an ophthalmic nurse. Find out the educational requirements, salary potential, and career outlook for nurses who work in ophthalmology.

Operating Room Nurse

Find out the job description for an operating room nurse, what education is required to become an OR nurse, and the salary expectation and career outlook for the perioperative nurse.

Nurse Manager

Learn what a nurse manager is and how to prepare for a career in nursing management. Increase career earning potential by becoming a nursing manager.