Calhoun Community College Nursing Program Review

Calhoun Community College (CCC) is the creation of the merging of the Tennessee Valley State Technical School and John C. Calhoun State Junior College in 1947. The Board of Education of the state of Alabama formally labeled the college as a community college in 1973. When the institution was first relocated to its current location, it served as a project to train World War II veterans. Today, Calhoun Community College serves to promote training and knowledge for its students and to serve as a place of advancement in education as well as careers.

Calhoun Community College Nursing Programs Review

Calhoun Community College offers four different programs for students interested in pursuing an education in nursing. Nursing programs include a traditional ADN (Associate Degree Nursing), a non-traditional part-time evening ADN (Associate Degree Nursing, Career Mobility Nursing Program, and PN (Practical Nursing) Program. All of these programs are constructed with the student in mind to provide the most up-to-date training on the collective subjects of nursing as well as the technology used in the nursing work field.

PN (Practical Nursing) Program

PN Program offered by Calhoun Community College is designed for students seeking employment as a LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse). It offers a three semester, full-time program of study to its students to educate them on the practices, ethical and legal matters, as well as the clinical trainings of the professional career path of a LPN. The growing population of people in need of passionate and caring health care professionals demands that more nurses be added to the workforce. Applicants must be able to meet the necessary roles and requirements for the nursing field.

Career Mobility Nursing Program

This particular program offered by Calhoun Community College is constructed to meet the needs of LPNs seeking an Associate Degree in Nursing. This allows for the LPN to get the necessary education required to sit for the national licensure exam for RNs and obtain employment as an RN after passing the exam. After completion of this program, the student will have the indispensable knowledge of the growing, diverse field of nursing that will allow them to advance. This is a four semester course of full-time study. 

Traditional ADN (Associate Degree Nursing) Program

The Traditional ADN Program is designed for traditional students who can attend classes and clinical experiences during regular day time hours. It is a five semester, full time program of study that includes classroom instruction, laboratory instruction, and clinical experience. After successful completion of this program, the student is eligible to sit for the licensing exam to obtain employment as a Registered Nurse (RN). This program is designed to teach the functions and skills required as a vital part of the health care system.

Non-Traditional ADN (Associate Degree Nursing) Part-Time Evening Program

This program offers a different type of education to the non-traditional student. It offers unconventional class formats such as distance learning and video-streaming instruction tools to allow for flexibility in where and when the student participates in instruction as well as clinical practices on weekends and evenings. This program offers the chance to obtain the skills and knowledge for the student to become a licensed RN on the schedule of a busy working adult.

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