Caddo-Kiowa Technology Center Nursing Program Review

Caddo-Kiowa Technology Center (CKTC) trains students in the general area in their educational fields of choice. Founded in 1968 with only 200 students and 11 programs, Caddo-Kiowa Technology Center now has more than 800 students and 20 programs onboard.

Caddo-Kiowa Technology Center – Nursing

This program has been accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, the Oklahoma Board of Career and Technology Education and the Oklahoma Board of Nursing.

Licensed Practical Nursing

Students who join this program will be able to work with other healthcare experts in order to provide top-notch patient care in various medical surroundings. They will experience an in-depth curriculum that includes relevant clinical and simulated instructions. They will also develop all of the medical skills, confidentiality and terminology needed to become great healthcare professionals in the future.

Graduates will be able to take the licensure exam to become an LPN, and they will also be able to delve into higher education or immediate employment, depending on their personal goals and needs. They can also look into scholarships, internships and certifications if they want to.

All of the courses that are part of the LPN program in Caddo-Kiowa Technology Center are taken at their main campus. Students will need to attend all of the courses full-time at 30 hours a week in order to complete the required 1463 hours of 17 months of study before graduation.

Students are held every weekday and consist of on-campus lab and academic instructions, and clinical experience outside of the campus. Clinical experience are usually done at cooperative facilities, like hospitals, home health settings or nursing homes. This program takes four consecutive semesters in total to complete.

Through this program, students will be able to get the clinical and academic education that they need in terms of treatment and identification as needed in their healthcare profession of choice. IT includes hands-on instructions in wound care, phlebotomy, anatomy and physiology, among other things, and they will learn what an LPN needs to do in terms of restrictions, ethics and legality.

To apply, students will need to complete and submit the LPN application form along with copies of their birth certificate, required immunizations, official transcripts, OKCIS and TABE test results, and three references. They will also need to have a valid driver’s license and a valid employment record in the last five years.

Student Services

Caddo-Kiowa Technology Center also has various student services available, so that their students can prepare themselves for their programs of choice as needed. Through these services, students will also be able to explore all of their potential career opportunities in preparation for their graduation, apply personal skills and interests to certain career fields and get ready for job placements.

Financial Assistance

Students who want to look into financial assistance will be happy to hear that Caddo-Kiowa Technology Center has several financial aid sources on offer for their students. They can help with dislocated workers, college work study, supplemental education opportunity grants, Pell grants, Tribal WIA, Oklahoma Promise, Oklahoma Tuition Aid grants, Veterans Administration, Work Experience programs, Workforce Investment Act and Vocational Rehabilitation.

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