BSN Programs in Washington DC

There are just 5 different nursing schools in Washington DC with Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing programs in our database. Despite the limited number of schools overall compared to some states, the density of five different nursing schools with a BSN program is quite dense considering it is only one city (DC is one of the larger cities in the country, however).

Below are some featured online BSN or BS of healthcare programs, which you can get in touch with directly by clicking the “MORE INFO” button. These programs are currently accepting applicants and are 100% online. Following our featured list is the entire list of all nursing schools in Washington, DC.

Catholic University of America
620 N. East Michigan Ave, Washington, DC 20064
The Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) is designed for the beginning nursing students in preparation for the NCLEX-RN. It is a 120-credit program available in both full time and part time study options. It welcomes high school candidates who have completed courses in high school biology and chemistry.

Applicants need to have satisfactory SAT or ACT scores. Applicants with other nursing courses but are registered nurses cannot receive credit for their courses and hence, such courses must be repeated. Upon admission, students complete science, math, religion, philosophy, English, liberal arts and humanity courses. All science and math courses must be completed with an average GPA of 2.5 or better to be eligible for progression for nursing courses. Student nurses with a 3.5 GPA or better can also apply for the exchange program at Australia Catholic University. Academically bright and inspired students can join the nursing honors program to complete honor courses.

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Georgetown University

3700, Reservoir Rd, N.W Washington, DC 20057

The undergraduate nursing bachelors degree program at Georgetown admits new students once annually during the fall semester. Following university admission, students get to complete general education courses in the first 2 years. By remaining true to the Jesuit tradition and commitment, all students must take a writing course in humane letters and a theology course as part of the general education courses. Students are introduced to nursing courses as early as the freshman year and clinical practical from the second year with the high fidelity simulation centers.  Students can take advantage of the study abroad and summer programs. There is also a school of nursing honors program open to students with high academic potential.

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Howard University

516 Bryant St, NW Washington, District of Columbia 20059

The bachelor of nursing degree has two plans of study. Initially, students are admitted for the lower division courses equivalent to 58 credits that take four semesters. To be eligible for this phase, high school graduates must have completed some preparatory courses as follows: 2 years each of Social work, Foreign Language & Science, 3 years Math, and 4 years English. Also required from freshmen applicants is a high school GPA of 2.5, and a SAT or ACT score of 1020 & 22 respectively. This category consists of liberal education and other support courses. Concentration on the nursing courses starts at the summer preceding spring semester at the junior year and continues for another 6 semesters of 2 academic years: 4 regular semesters and 2 summer sessions. This latter phase consist of 62 courses bringing the entire program to 120 credit hours.

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Trinity Washington University

125 Michigan Ave, NE Washington, DC 20017

Admission into the CCNE accredited pre-licensure bachelors nursing program at Trinity is a 2-step process. The first step involves admission into the university to take nursing prerequisite coursework. Students can complete these courses on full time or part time basis from either the School of Professional Studies or College of Arts and Sciences both of the university. When completing the last semester of this step, students can apply for the step 2 basic nursing track. To be accepted here, all courses in the first program must have completed with a Grade of “C” or better and with overall GPA of 2.5. At this point, students must also take the TEAS V test in addition to drafting a personal statement. Upon acceptance, students can chose to complete the upper division coursework in the day or Weekend/evening format.