BSN Programs in South Carolina

Bob Jones University
1700 Wade Hampton Blvd
, Greenville SC 29614
As a Christian university, the nursing major at Bob Jones University strongly upholds Christian values as part of the core curriculum. Unlike many nursing schools offering the Bachelor of Science with a major in nursing major of 2 years, Bob Jones offers 3 years of nursing courses. Students are formerly accepted in the upper division phase as early as the freshman year and as such start on nursing courses early. This unique plan allows students to acquire many and unmatched clinical hours during their preparation for the NCLEX-RN exam.

Candidates must have completed the first year of preparatory courses at Bob Jones with a GPA of 2.5 and pass the NLN Pre-Admission RN exam. The suitable candidates must also be ready have an interview with the department chair prior to formal admission to the next 3 years of nursing courses.


Charleston Southern University

9200 University Blvd, Charleston SC 294-6

Charleston seeks to integrate Christian values into the practice of nursing; a move evident in their traditional 4-year nursing curriculum. The university employs a 1+3 approach to nurses training that enables early admission of students to the nursing major to take nursing and clinical courses. With the 1+3 curriculum, students are first admitted to complete the set of liberal arts and general education during the first year prior to gaining eligibility to apply for the next 3 years for the major. Students must apply for the major towards the end of the freshman year, usually in the spring semester ahead of the fall admission dates. Since admission is very competitive, the ideal candidates must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher in addition to minimum SAT or ACT scores of 440 and 18 respectively.


Clemson University

1 Clemson University, Clemson SC 29634

At Clemson University, students interested in the undergraduate Bachelor of Science in nursing are admitted directly in the nursing major. This eliminates the need of a supplementary application usually common in other universities.  Upon admission, students spend the first two years in foundational and liberal arts courses. This is then followed by progression to the junior and senior years where students take nursing and clinical courses. Most clinical courses at completed at the Clemson’s Clinical and Learning and Research Center with the state-of-the-art simulation center.  Upon admission in the major, students can decide to take minors in Psychology, Spanish or Sociology. There are is also the option of taking a Leadership Certificate Program. Beyond the classroom, students can become involved in the Students Nurses Association or take study abroad sessions.


Francis Marion University

4822 East Palmetto St, Florence SC 29506

The baccalaureate of nursing degree at Francis Marion University is fully accredited by the NCLAC to offer a preparatory program for the NCLEX-registered nurse licensure exam. The university has a 2+2 curriculum whereby students take the first two years completing 59 credit hours in lower division coursework. One semester prior to completion of lower division courses, students can apply for admission for the 2-year of upper division courses.  Preferred candidates must have a cumulative minimum GPA of 3.0 and science prerequisites GPA of 2.6 to be eligible to apply for this phase.  During the next 4 semesters of study in the nursing major, students get clinical experience in a range of health care settings. Francis Marion has two admission dates for nursing major for the Fall and Spring semesters.


Lander University

320 Stanley Ave, Greenwood SC 29649

Lander University provides a small and well compacted department of nursing that helps students become competent nurses through individual student attention. The undergraduate program leading to a bachelor of nursing degree is fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. Students start the 4-year journey as freshmen by taking general education courses and some support courses. Formal admission into the nursing major occurs in the sophomore level where students start on professional nursing courses. While taking the major, nursing majors may combine courses from numerous minors including health care management, Spanish, Child and Family studies and Sociology among others.


NewBerry College

2100 College St, Newberry SC 29108

Through partnership with Lexington Medical Center, Newberry College offers a 4-year undergraduate baccalaureate nursing program for non-licensed students. This full time program is well structured into lower division and upper division courses.  As a university with a Christian background, the curriculum of the nursing track embraces Christian traditions along with the main nursing curriculum. Students are only admitted in the nursing major upon completion of the lower division phase and maintaining at least a 2.75 GPA and taking the TEAS V test. Even though the college accepts transfer students in the major, traditional Newberry students are given priority in admission. It is however important to note that application to the nursing major is a separate process and meeting the minimum admission requirement does not guarantee admission into the BSN.


South Carolina State University

300 College St NE Orangeburg SC  29117

The Bachelor of Science in nursing degree at SCSU is a 4-year full time program fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.  This generic nursing track is one among the three undergraduate options of completing the BSN along with the registered nurse completion track and the Licensed Practical Nurse advanced placement option.  The generic track is designed for students that start as freshmen and have no prior nursing experience. Graduates are expected to serve the health care need of rural communities in accordance with land-grant universities commitment.  The ultimate objective of the program is to enable students apply and write the NCLEX-RN registered nurses exam to become licensed nurses.


South University

9 Science Court, Columbia SC 29203

South University offers an undergraduate nursing curriculum leading to the award of a bachelor of science in nursing degree. The program at Columbia campus is a replica of other many other nursing tracks of South University offered at 9 states across the US. First, freshman students are admitted into the university on a general basis to complete a set of prerequisites courses. Application to the nursing major of the track is open to only students who have successfully met the minimum requirements from the prerequisite courses. As a limited admission program, meeting the minimum requirements or admission to take the lower division courses does not guarantee students admission to the nursing major. By the end of the 4-year curriculum, graduates become eligible to take the NCLEX-RN exam to become registered nurses.


University of South Carolina-Columbia

1601 Greene St, Columbia SC 29208

The Bachelor of Science in nursing at USC-Columbus is a 2 tier program designed to train entry-level registered nurses. The 4-year track starts with lower division courses involving foundational nursing and general education courses. The lower division curriculum must be completed before students become eligible to apply for the upper division nursing. However, it is good to note that admission is very competitive and not all students who complete the lower division courses are admitted to the professional nursing phase. Upon admission to the nursing major, students combine class work with clinical and simulation lab practical sessions. Students can also develop more skills at a number of nursing centers and institutes at the university including the Breast Cancer Research Center, Health care Process Redesign Center and the Center for Nursing Leadership.


University of South Carolina-Aiken

471 University Pkwy, Aiken SC 29801

 USCA provides a generic Bachelor of nursing program that prepares students to take initial licensure as registered nurses. The 4-year track is fully approved by the state’s board of nursing and accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. Students must start by completing the general education coursework so as to become eligible for courses in the nursing major phase. Generally, ideal applicants to the major are traditional or transfer students who have attained a minimum GPA of 3.0 on prerequisites courses.  For the generic track, USCA offers two admission dates for classes starting January and August.


University of South Carolina-Beaufort

801 Carteret St, Beaufort SC 29902

Since its inception in 2007, the baccalaureate nursing degree at USC-Beaufort campus has continued to draw interests from a large number of students. This full time 4-year degree program is accredited by the CCNE to offer a curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Science in nursing degree. The pre-licensure track accepts applications from students who have or are in the process of completing their pre-nursing requirements.  Applicants must have completed at least 40 lower division credits towards the end of fall of sophomore level with a minimum GPA of 2.75 to be eligible to apply for the major. Applications for the major are accepted once annually for nursing core classes beginning spring each year.  While undertaking the major, students can join the USC-Beaufort Students Nurse’s Association to enjoy growth in their nursing career.


University of South Carolina-Upstate

800 University Way, Spartanburg SC 29303

The Bachelor of Science at USC-Upstate is designed to prepare students for the NCLEX-RN exam. The program, a full time 4-year track is fully accredited by CCNE and is offered at Spartanburg and Greenville campuses. Since admission is very competitive, only students with high GPA’s are ranked for selection. Close to 300 applications are received on each application cycle but only 112 are picked each fall and spring semesters. Candidates picked for the nursing major usually have a GPA of 3.0 or higher in contrast to the minimum required GPA of 2.75 for admission. Students admitted as freshmen can only take lower division courses from Spartanburg campus but can choose either campus for the major.  While in the nursing program, students can apply for induction in the Mu Rho chapter of Sigma Theta Tau international honor society for nurses or the National Student’s Association. Student nurses can also carry-out research in the Center for Nursing Research and Scholarship.