BSN Programs in Puerto Rico

InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico
San Juan, PR 00907
The nursing program at Inter is offered at 8 campuses including San German, Bayamon, Aguadilla, Ponce, Barranquitas, Guayama, Metropolitan and Arecibo campuses. It is both an associate of science in nursing and a bachelor of science in nursing program that has an opt-out option after two years. Generally, the first two years (level I & II) are designed to equip the students with technical nursing skills that would enable students apply, sit and pass the registered nurses licensure exam. At this point of the track, students can decide to opt-out of the program and graduate with the 2-year associate of nursing degree. Alternatively, students can continue with Level III and IV to complete upper division courses in professional nursing.

To be eligible to continue with the third year, students must have completed all courses in the freshman and sophomore curriculum and achieved an average GPA of 2.5. Another opportunity for major students is the option to take a minor in Nursing Management if at Arecibo or San German campuses or Gerontology for Nursing if at Arecibo campuses.


Catholic University of Puerto Rico

Carr 106 Km 2.2 Int, Yaguez PR 00680

This Catholic University offers n undergraduate bachelor of science in nursing program for preparation of initial licensure as registered nurses. Ideal candidates are high school graduates with a high school grade index of 2.5 or higher. All applicants are expected to have an interview with a member of the nursing department to determine their suitability for the program. Upon admission, students must take all courses in the outlined sequential manner in order to be eligible to complete and graduate on time: no courses from one year can be carried over to another year. Within the 4 years, students must acquire a CPR certificate and a Basic Nurse Midwives Certification as prerequisites for graduation.