BSN Programs in New Mexico

New Mexico State University
2850 Weddell St, Las Cruces NM 88003
NMSU-Las Cruces offers students an eight-semester curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Science in nursing degree. The undergraduate program is segmented into two phases: 4 initial semesters in freshman and sophomore years reserved for prerequisites courses and 5th to 8th semesters for BSN nursing major curriculum.

Las Cruces campus, which serves as the main campus of NMSU also offers an exact replica of this BSN at their affiliated Grant Community College. At Grants, students, students receive paralleled and synchronous instructions and classes as those in the main campus through video conferencing and Interactive Television formats. This system allows students from both campuses to have a two-way interactive learning environment. For organizations, students can join the Student Nurses Association while very bright students from campuses can join the Sigma Theta Tau Chapter. The program taught on a full time basis welcomes both freshman and transfer students.

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University of New Mexico
1 university Blvd NE, Albuquerque NM 87131

The traditional BS in Nursing is one of the two tracks leading to a bachelor’s degree in nursing at UNM. Admission into the program is highly competitive and is a two-tier process. First, students get admitted to the university to take the required prerequisite coursework for the BSN track. Such is designed for the first two years in the university. Students must complete this phase of the program with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on all courses taken and a science GPA of 3.0. However, meeting this requirement does not guarantee students admission into the 2nd tier Basic Entry option of the BSN. As a public university and a flagship university of the state, applicants from New Mexico are always given preference during selection from the pool of applicants who meet minimum admission requirements. Starting at junior year, the program takes new students each fall, spring and summer- if space availability permits.