BSN Programs in Nevada

Nevada State College
1125 Nevada State Dr
, Henderson NV 89002
For the Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) degree, Nevada State College has two completion options; a regular full time track and a part time option. Admission to the college is separate from admission into the BSN program. Freshmen students are admitted and designated as pre-nursing majors and take prerequisites courses.

Upon completion of prerequisites courses usually by the end of sophomore year, a student can make another application to the school of nursing. At this point, transfer students with equivalent prerequisite courses are also welcome to apply. Generally, a nursing-specific average GPA of 3.25 is required along with a minimum of 58.7% on TEAS V exam. For full time students, the program takes 8 regular semesters while part time requires an extra half year plus year-round learning including summers. In both cases, admittance to the program is twice annually in spring and fall semesters.

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Roseman University of Health Sciences

11 Sunset Way, Henderson NV 89014

Roseman offers the bachelors of nursing science degree from multi-campus locations in the state and out of state in Utah. This undergraduate program is fully accredited by the boards of nursing from the respective states. The program is an upper division curriculum and as such, students must have completed prerequisites courses at an accredited college or university. Requirements for admission to Roseman nursing program include a minimum GPA of 2.75 on prerequisite courses, TEAS V scores and a personalized interview. The approach of teaching is that of a block format in that students take each course at a time prior to starting on any other course in a particular semester. Generally, the program takes 18-full time months to complete. A cohort of 40 students are accepted for the January start date at the Utah State campus in South Jordan while 64 students are admitted in the Henderson, Nevada campuses for classes starting August semester.

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Touro University

874 American Pacific Dr, Henderson NV 89014

To be considered for the BS in nursing program at Touro, applicants must have completed a minimum of 60 credits of prerequisites and general education courses curriculum. Applicants are usually graduates of another non-nursing baccalaureate program.  Applicants must have a minimum cumulative science GPA of 3.0 though applicants with GPAs of 2.5 -2.99 may be reviewed on an individual basis. The nurse entrance TEAS V exam must also be completed with minimum scores of 70%. The learning format takes an accelerated pace and take only 16 months of full time to complete. By the end of the track, students are usually eligible to take the NLCEX-RN exam to become registered nurses.

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University of Nevada-Las Vegas

4505 S. Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas NV 89154

The baccalaureate nursing program at UNLV takes four years to complete when students start as freshmen. Freshmen students should apply to the university and indicate a pre-nursing major to take pre-nursing courses. Even with completion of the pre-nursing curriculum, admission to the nursing phase is competitive and requires a minimum GPA of 3.0. Students from the pre-nursing major are admitted to the upper division thrice annually for summer, spring and fall starting dates. However, transfer students including students from other nursing programs may also apply for the upper division nursing phase. Applicants to this undergraduate nursing bachelors program must further note that the university does not keep a waiting list and therefore, new applications must be made for each admission cycle. The entire curriculum consist of 126 credits; 64 for the nursing courses and 61 for the pre-nursing courses outside the school of nursing.

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University of Nevada-Reno

116 N. Virginia St, Reno NV 89557

The bachelor of nursing at UN-Reno provides basic preparation for entry-level nursing positions for high school graduates. Prior to applying to the nursing program, students must have been admitted to the university on a pre-nursing status and completed prerequisites courses by the end of the semester preceding the start semester. However, a maximum of 13 credits can be outstanding during admission but only 4 can be in science courses. A GPA of 3.0 or better is required from the prerequisites courses taken earlier. Selected candidates with minimum requirements are invited for a personal interview but only 48 students are offered places each fall and spring semesters.  A waiting list may be kept until classes begin otherwise, fresh applications must be submitted for a new semester for unsuccessful candidates. Interested students can also apply to the military nursing program under the BSN to earn a commissioned status as nurse corps.