BSN Programs in Mississippi

Alcorn State University-Natchez
1000 ASU Dr, Alcorn State MS 39096
The nursing program and the school of nursing at Alcorn state University are located in the Natchez campus. For pre-licensure students, the university offers only the upper division portion of the bachelor of nursing curriculum designed for preparation for the NLCEX-RN exam.  All applicants are expected to have completed the 55-lower division prerequisites curriculum at an accredited college or university.

Students can also take this portion at the university’s’ main campus in Lorman. Students from other universities must be in good standing from their previous college to be eligible for the nursing major at Natchez. Ideal applicants must have an ACT of 21 and average GPA of 2.0 on all prerequisites courses taken.

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Delta State University

Highway 8, West Cleveland MS 38733

Delta State has a 5-semester web-enhanced professional nursing curriculum that leads to the bachelors of nursing degree. It starts at junior level and is preceded by a preparatory pre-requisite curriculum. The pre-nursing curriculum can be completed at DSU or transferred from another college or university. Eligible candidates must have completed all pre-nursing and support courses with a minimum average GPA of 2.5 and have high scores on the ACT exam.  Admission to the professional phase is very competitive and occurs once annually every fall semester. The 5-semester plan is designed for students taking the professional courses on full time basis. A part time option of taking 7 regular semesters (no summer terms)is also available.

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Mississippi College

200 S Capitol St, Clinton MS 39058

Mississippi College has a 4-year undergraduate bachelor of nursing degree with a curriculum of 131 credits: 35 in core courses, 35 in nursing prerequisites and 61 in professional nursing courses.  The two-tier application program is open for both students entering as freshmen and transfer students. Admission to the major is very competitive and students who have completed the non-nursing courses at Mississippi College are given priority. On this note, the college highly recommends transfers students to take the sophomore year at the college.  There is also a provision for students to attend summer school at the end of sophomore year if they have outstanding pre-requisites and core courses.  To be admitted to the clinical portion that starts every fall and spring semesters, separate applications must be made to the school of nursing.

As a Baptist Christian college, interested students are welcome to take extra courses in Congregational Health Nursing /Parish nursing and earn a certificate. Such certificates are endorsed by the International Parish Nurses Center. Senior level students at top third of their class are free to join the Omicron Lambda chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International.

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Mississippi University of Women

1100 College St, Columbus MS 39701

The baccalaureate program in nursing at MUW is fully accredited by the CCNE. The program has a two-step admission process which means that a separate nursing application is required from that of general university admission. Students can start as freshmen to complete the general education courses or just transfer lower division courses from another accredited college or university. Applications to the major must be submitted by students that have completed all prerequisites courses during late fall semester of the sophomore year.  Candidates for the upper division phase must have at least a GPA of 2.75 on all prior college courses and an ACT composite score of 21 from which admission decisions are made. Classes commence in the summer semester of junior year.

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University of Mississippi Medical Center

2500 N State St, Jackson MS 39216

UMMC boasts to the State’s flagship nursing university besides being the only academic medical center in Mississippi. It offers two entry options to the CCNE accredited Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) program.  Students can opt to enter the program through the Freshman Early entry option or the traditional entry option. The Freshman Early-Entry (FEE) option allows students to enter the program directly at freshman level rather than waiting for junior to apply for competitive admission to the nursing program. On the other hand, traditional students first enroll for the first two years to complete general education before applying for the next 2 years of the nursing upper major that starts in the summer semester.


The University of Southern Mississippi

118 College Dr, Hattiesburg MS 39406

The Bachelor of Science in nursing program at Southern Miss prepares entry-level students for beginning positions as registered nurses. The program is divided into two segments; a lower division portion consisting of 62 semester hours of non-nursing prerequisites courses and 66 semester hours of nursing courses. Students are expected to have completed all prerequisites courses prior to applying to the nursing major. Generally, students must have an ACT score of 21 and a GPA of 2.5 to be eligible to apply for the major. However, based on previous admission occasions, higher GPAs an ACT scores are observed. All students applying for the major must be in good standing regardless of whether they are traditional student of Southern Miss or transfer students. The program is fully accredited by CCNE and takes exactly 4 years to complete and become eligible for the NLCEX-RN exam.


William Carey University-Gulfport

19640 Highway 67, Biloxi MS 39507

In Biloxi near Gulfport, the Tradition campus of William Carey offers the undergraduate nursing track for beginning students. The BSN program at Tradition campus has a similar curriculum to the one offered in the other two campuses of William Carey at New Orleans and Hattiesburg.  At Tradition, students seeking initial licensure can either complete the program on a full time day format or the flexible part time Night/Saturday format. Students need to first complete the pre-nursing curriculum prior to applying to the nursing track. Once admitted at the Tradition campus, students must take all courses in the campus and not in any of the other two locations with the nursing program.


William Carrey University-Hattiesburg

498 Tucson Ave, Hattiesburg MS 39401

William Carey-Hattiesburg campus offers a CCNE fully accredited traditional Bachelor of nursing science. The track is designed to prepare students for the initial licensure as registered nurses by gaining eligibility for the BCLEX-RN upon completing the curriculum. Like in other campuses of William Carey offering the nursing BSN, the track at Hattiesburg admits freshman students to take a set of pre-nursing courses prior to applying for the major. To be eligible for the major, students must have completed the lower division courses with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or better. In addition, applicants must complete the pre-admission TEAS exam used for the competitive selection purposes.  The nursing sequence of courses starts every fall semester and once admitted at Hattiesburg, students must take all courses in that campus.

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