BSN Programs in Louisiana

With a dozen different nursing schools in Louisiana that are in our database and have Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing programs, there are plenty to choose from. Aside from New Orleans having a few different universities, the rest are really spread out throughout the state, at smaller, private colleges, and public universities.

Below are some featured online BSN or BS of healthcare programs, which you can get in touch with directly by clicking the “MORE INFO” button. These programs are currently accepting applicants and are 100% online. Following our featured list is the entire list of all nursing schools in Louisiana.

Full List of BSN Programs in Louisiana

Featured BSN programs accepting Louisiana applicants
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Campus-based programs in Louisiana

Dillard University
2601 Gentilly Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70122
The baccalaureate nursing program at Dillard University has a history of over 70 years of nurse training. It is open for both generic beginning students and transfer students who have completed some college courses. Freshman students are first admitted into the university to complete liberal arts and prerequisites courses. Upon completion of the first year curriculum with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher, students become eligible to apply for the nursing major.

Prior to applying to the nursing program, students must take the TEAS test and earn scores of 47.6 and 46.7 or higher for reading and math respectively. To finish in four years, students can take advantage of the summer courses offered in the freshman and sophomore level. The university has only one admission cycle annually for classes starting fall semester.

* * * *

Grambling State University

1 Cole St, Grambling, LA, 71245

The baccalaureate nursing program at Grambling is designed for beginner students seeking initial RN licensure. The program starts with a pre-nursing component if interested students meet the general university admission requirements. The three semester pre-nursing curriculum must be completed with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 to be eligible for the major. However, students must be aware that completion of the pre-nursing component does not guarantee admission into the nursing major.  The five-semester professional phase starts at 2nd semester of the sophomore year. Admission occurs in both fall and spring semesters. Interested students can apply to join the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (Army ROTC) and enjoy the great benefits that come with this program.

* * * *

Louisiana College

1140 College Dr, Pineville, LA 71360

As a Christian university, Louisiana College offers a curriculum of baccalaureate nursing education along with liberal arts courses from a Christian perspective. The program is centered in holistic nursing and use the approach of a “ministry for Christ” program that integrates faith and nursing. The curriculum has two phases; a lower division phase and an upper division phase. Freshmen are admitted to take the pre-nursing courses for four semesters and three summer sessions followed by the four semesters of the professional phase. Bright students can join the Nu Tau Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International.

* * * *

Louisiana State University-Health Sciences Center-New Orleans

1900 Gravier St, New Orleans, 70112

LSU-health science center offers a 4-year program leading to the bachelor of nursing degree.  The university accepts two classes of students; generic starting freshmen and transfer students.  Each year, the university admits two cohorts in fall and spring semesters.  Freshman students can apply as freshmen at the university and take courses the lower division courses at any accredited college or university. At the time of application to the major, students must have completed at least 16 of the 34credits of the general education curriculum with a cumulative GPA of 2.8. However, any outstanding courses must be completed before the start of the nursing courses. The HESI A2 is also required in the selection process. It is important to note that meeting the minimum admission requirement does not guarantee admission to the major.

* * * *

Nicholls State University

906 E. 1st St, Thibodaux, LA 70301

Enrolling in the Bachelor of Science in nursing program at Nicholls state university requires two applications. Students start with the general university application followed by an additional application to the nursing program.  The BSN curriculum starts with the general education courses and students must complete at least 35 credit hours with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 before the applying to the nursing program. Only students who attend the mandatory nursing information session are allowed to apply to the program; usually at the first semester of the sophomore year. Admission occurs twice annually for classes starting fall and spring semesters. Transfer students must meet the above minimum requirements to be considered for admission in addition to submitting a letter of good standing from their earlier school. Admission to the program is very competitive and meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee students entry into the professional program.  Xi Zeta Chapter of the STTI is an active organization that academically endowed students can join.

* * * *

Northwestern State University

175 Sam Sibley Dr, Natchitoches, LA 71497

Admission to the traditional BSN track at the university is very competitive and depends on space availability. Students must complete the first 3 semesters of foundational coursework before applying for the major. Students interested in the major must complete a number of standardized entrance exams to be gain eligibility for selection. Admission decisions are drawn from GPAs, patterns of repeated pre-requisite courses, and scores of entrance exams.  Cumulative GPAs of 2.0 on all college work and 2.7 on any courses listed in the BSN curriculum are required during application. Interested students can apply for the fall and spring start dates.  The college of nursing also runs the Beta Chi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International.

* * * *

Our Lady of Holy Cross College

4123 Woodland Dr, New Orleans, LA 70131

The generic bachelor of nursing track at OLHCC requires students to submit two applications; one for general university and an additional one for the nursing major courses. Students can start the BSN general education core curriculum consisting of 56 credits in either fall, spring and summer semesters. To be eligible to apply for the nursing major, students must have completed at least 32 credits of the above mentioned with a minimum GPA of 2.5. Most of the courses in this category can be completed in either full time or part time/night classes. Admission for the major is competitive and happens once annually in the spring semester for classes beginning fall semester of the sophomore year. Prior to completing the sophomore year, all outstanding courses in the general education curriculum must be completed. In addition to GPA, applicants also need to submit scores of the TEAS V test and 3 recommendation letters.

* * * *

Southeastern Louisiana University

500 Western Ave, Hammond, LA 70403

The 120 credit hours undergraduate nursing curriculum is designed for entry-level nurse students. It starts with general admission to the university to complete 60 of the 120 credits marked as general university and prerequisite courses reserved for 1st and 2nd year s. During the last semester of the prerequisites curriculum, students become eligible to submit a second application for the nursing major. The usual observation is admission of students with a GPA of 3.4, way far from the minimum GPA required. Applicants can choose to apply in fall or spring semesters for classes starting spring and fall respectively. Upon acceptance to take nursing courses, students spend the next 2 semesters at the Hammond campus and the last 3 semesters at the Baton Rouge Center.  By following the set-out course sequence, students complete track in 9 semesters. There is also the option to substitute some of the courses in the BSN curriculum for the Nursing Honors option. Rho Zeta Honor Society is also an active Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International run by the university.

* * * *

Southern University and A&M College

Elton C Harrison Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70807

The university has a 133-credit hour Bachelor of Science in nursing curriculum designed for entry level and unlicensed transfer students. This curriculum is divided into general education core university courses and upper division nursing courses. In the first three semesters following general university admission, students complete the general education curriculum. If this curriculum is completed with an average GPA of 2.6, students become eligible to apply for the second phase of nursing courses. Transfer students must also meet the above requirements in addition to submitting a letter of good standing from their earlier program. Qualified students must submit their applications along with ACT/SAT scores by the end of the 2nd semester of the sophomore year for review. Admission for upper division courses occurs twice annually for fall and spring semesters. Academically gifted students can nurture their scholastics interests in the Tau Pi Chapter of sigma Theta Tau International

* * * *

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette

2 Rex St, Lafayette, LA 70504

At the Lafayette campus, beginning nurse students can complete the baccalaureate nursing curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Science in nursing degree. Until entry to the nursing curriculum, students undergo a three tier process. Initially, freshman students take the first three semesters of pre-requisites and co-requisite courses prior to gaining eligibility for the starting nursing courses at 2nd semester of the sophomore year. These 2 levels consist of 45 semester-hours workload that must have a cumulative GPA of 2.8 or higher. The third step is meeting the grade “C” on all 1st and 2nd year courses as a progression requirement for junior nursing courses. Entry into the professional phase is offered twice annually for fall and spring semesters. In nurturing scholastic prospects of talented students, the university runs the Delta Eta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International honor society.

* * **

The University of Louisiana at Monroe

700 University Ave, Monroe, LA 71209

Interested students for the BSN degree must meet the general university admission requirements to be eligible to make the additional nursing program application. Freshmen remain designated as pre-nursing students and spend the first three semesters in the university taking a pre-nursing curriculum of general education core courses. To be eligible for selection for the competitive professional phase of the program, students must have earned a corrected cumulative GPA of 2.8 or better in all required courses in the pre-nursing curriculum. If the above minimum requirements are met, students can be invited to take an admission entrance exam. The GPA above plus the scores of the admission exam are used to determine admission. The program starts every fall and spring semesters. Besides the regular nursing courses, students are encouraged to apply for the pre-arranged nursing volunteer opportunities.

* * * *

William Carey University-New Orleans

3939 Gentilly Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70126

The baccalaureate degree in nursing at William Carey is offered to fresh high school graduates seeking first licensure as registered nurses. Students need to complete about 50 credit hours of general education prior to applying to the nursing major. Upon completion of these credits, a separate application must be made to the school of nursing. However, students can still apply if they have a few outstanding pre-nursing courses but such must be completed before admission and start of the first nursing course. Prerequisites courses counting towards the BSN must carry a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 or better. Interested students must also make arrangements to take the TEAS V test and submit their score along with the nursing application. There are two admission cycles for fall and spring semester starting dates. For interested students, William Carey offers a replica of this program in two other campuses in Mississippi but applicants must take all their courses at the campus they were initially admitted.