BSN Programs in Indiana

Indiana may not be at the top of the list in terms of population numbers, but it is a major state for nursing, and has nearly 30 different nursing schools with Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing programs. In our database there are exactly 28 different universities with a BSN program.

Below are some featured online BSN or BS of healthcare programs, which you can get in touch with directly by clicking the “MORE INFO” button. These programs are currently accepting applicants and are 100% online. Following our featured list is the entire list of all nursing schools in Indiana.

Full List of BSN Programs in Indiana

Featured BSN programs accepting Indiana applicants
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Campus-based programs in Indiana

Anderson University
1100 E. Fifth St, Anderson, IN 46012
As a Christian university, Andersons’ curriculum for the BSN degree emphasizes liberal arts along with the professional program and a commitment to Christian Holistic nursing service. Students are first admitted as freshmen and take the first years of nursing support and liberal arts courses.  High school graduates need to have a high school GPA of 3.5, ACT composite/SAT of 21/1050. Students must also have 2 years of math and 3 years of science.

Nursing courses start at sophomore level and here, students know their fate of progressing in the professional nursing track.  A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better is required for freshman support courses to be eligible for professional nursing courses. Anderson gives its students a chance in Christian Global Education outside of the US in Kenya, South Korea and Russia. The Sigma Theta Tau International Upsilon Gamma chapter is open for academically bright students.

* * * *

Ball State University

2111 W. Riverside, Ave, Muncie, IN 47306

The basic baccalaureate degree in nursing is accredited by the CCNE and is designed to prepare students for their first NLEX-RN exam.  It is a traditional on-campus track of full time study including both general education and nursing courses.  Admission in the university is separate from admission into the nursing major. There are 3 options of joining the nursing program. The first option is a 3-year plan whereby students make a second application for the major not more than 10 days after the freshman admission. The second option is the 8-semester general/regular admission track whereby students apply for the major after completion of all prerequisites usually towards the end sophomore level. A last option of partners in Nursing Education is for students willing to get into military service as nurses. ROTC scholarships are available for the last army nurse corps option.  The university has a few private nursing scholarships available through the office of scholarships and financial aid. Interested brilliant students can join the Beta Rho chapter of STTI.

* * * *

Bethel College

1001 Bethel Circle, Mishawaka, IN 46545

Bethel has a NLNAC accredited bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree program.  It is meant to prepare first time registered nurses with a Christian liberal arts setting coupled with nursing courses. Freshmen applicants must have a high school diploma or GED, high school GPA of 2.7 and ACT / SAT scores of 530/510 verbal/math & 21/19 English/Math respectively. The plan of study after admission is 2 semesters of preparatory coursework after which a second application to the major can be done.  Nursing courses start at sophomore level and continue for 7 semesters. The last 7 semesters include a mixture of both nursing, general education and biblical courses.

* * * *

Chamberlain College of Nursing-Indianapolis

9100 Keystone Crossing, Indianapolis, IN 46240

The Indianapolis campus of Chamberlain offers the 3-year nursing curriculum designed for entry level pre-licensure students.  Like in all the college’s campuses all over the country, the nursing program takes 1-year less time to complete and therefore saves your resources as compared to most other schools of nursing.  The curriculum consists of 129 credit hours: 69 of general education and 60 of nursing and clinical courses.  Students can engage in several community services and international projects. 2-3 week international nursing projects can replace some of the community health and multiculturalism courses required in the curriculum. Such projects can be taken in Brazil, Kenya and Bolivia.

* * * *

Goshen College

1700 S. Main St, Goshen, IN 46526

Goshen college has a strong emphasizes incorporation of liberal arts in the professional 4-year BS in nursing program. There are 2 admission steps of getting into the nursing program that starts with a freshman general university admission. Students in the upper 50% of their high school graduating class having math, foreign language, chemistry and biology and a high school GPA of 2.5 or better are the ideal candidates. Nursing courses start in the sophomore year therefore, applications to the nursing major are completed towards the end of first year. Eligibility for the second application is reserved for students who have attained a cumulative GPA of 2.7 in freshman courses and a grade “C” or better in nursing support courses.  Students can complete a study and service abroad term to cover an equivalent of a college term. Such programs can be taken in Tanzania, Egypt, China, Nicaragua, Cambodia, Peru and Senegal. The college has about 26 private nursing scholarships available through the financial aid department.

* * * *

Huntington University

2303 College Ave, Huntington, IN 46750

Bachelor of nursing students at the rural Huntington University takes 2 steps in completing the curriculum.  Students are admitted as freshmen to spend the first 2 years taking courses in liberal arts, anatomy& physiology, chemistry and other core university courses. In these 2 years, students also take courses built upon Christian faith and principles. A second application for the nursing major selection is based on a competitive ranking of coursework already taken.  Priority for the major is given to students that have completed at least 58 required pre-requisite courses with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 and a satisfactory score of TEAS test.

* * * *

Indiana State University

200 N. 7th St, Terre Haute, IN 47809

General admission is the first step of becoming a bachelor of science with a nursing major in the university.  The first year after university is meant for completion of general university and university core courses. If students complete this part of the program with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5, they become eligible to apply for the second portion of the program consisting of nursing and clinical courses. There are two admission cycles for the major for fall and spring semesters. Students can choose from part time or full time formats of completing nursing major courses. Those with a passion for learning and are academically talented can take courses from the university honors program in order to graduate with a BSN with honors.

* * * *

Indiana University-East

2325 Chester Blvd, Richmond, IN 47374

Two applications are needed to pursue the basic BS in nursing degree.  First, high school must apply to the office of general university admissions. Following acceptance, students work with a pre-nursing program advisor to determine the courses to take. After completing a minimum of 27 pre-requisites courses, students can apply for a spring admission into the school of nursing. All courses attempted in college must have been completed with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 to be eligible for admission. Any outstanding pre-requisites can be taken after the application is done but statistics and chemistry must be completed prior to the junior year. The entire curriculum consisting of 123 credit hours can be completed in 4 academic years.

* * * *

Indiana University Kokomo

2300 S. Washington St, Kokomo, IN 46904

It is exciting and fun to study in a small campus like the Kokomo campus of Indiana University. Admission into the university to complete general education courses is separate from admission into the school of nursing generic BSN program. Completion of nursing pre-requisites courses also does not guarantee entry into the nursing major. Admission to the major is very competitive and campus specific. It is based on ranks derived from cumulative GPA of pre-nursing coursework attempted and pre-admission standardized TEAS test scores.  Applicants must have a GPA of 2.7 in courses required for the BSN major and overall GPA of 2.5 on all university courses. Nursing students can participate in cultural nursing programs in Guatemala and Korea. The Christian Nurses Fellowship and the Students Nurses Association are organization that students can join.

* * * *

Indiana University-Northwest

3400 Broadway, Gary, IN 46408

IU Northwest, part of the larger Indiana University offers a traditional BSN program for first time college students. The program has two phases: pre-nursing and a professional phase. Students start with the pre-nursing phase and a second application must be completed for the professional phase. In the 1 year pre-nursing phase, students complete at least 26- 28 credits of the pre-nursing curriculum to be eligible to apply for the professional phase. A cumulative pre-nursing GPA of 2.70 must be met to be eligible to apply for progression. Eligible students can apply for consideration in the only admission cycle for classes starting fall semester The major takes three years of six semesters to complete.

* * * *

Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne

2101 E. Coliseum Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46805

Taking the BS with a major in nursing at a university which is merger of two renowned universities cannot get better.  Students start off by taking a pre-nursing program before applying again for the nursing program. The pre-nursing curriculum consists of 33 semester hours in biology, sociology, English, chemistry, communication and psychology. The second application for the major is for students who have earned a cumulative pre-nursing GPA of 2.5. However, admission is very competitive and is based on a ranking of the pre-nursing GPA and TEAS scores.  Transfer courses may be accepted but priority is given to students who have completed prerequisites at IPFW, Purdue University or Indiana University. There are options for taking nursing courses on part time or distance learning/web based formats. Some nursing courses are also offered during the summer semesters.

* * * *

Indiana University-Purdue University

420 University Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46202

Bringing together the teaching experiences of Indiana University and that of Purdue University, IUPUI just offers one of the best locations to complete a bachelor of science in nursing degree. The urban university is located downtown Indianapolis hence students are surrounded by an environment full of life. It prides to have been designated as a Center of Excellence in nursing by the NLN for the pedagogical expertise of its nursing faculty.

The BSN curriculum has two sections:  a general education section consisting of 55 credits and a nursing major section of 72 credit hours. Following completion of the general education courses, admission to be BSN is based on the following: Science and general education GPA of 50% & 30% of admission scores. 20% of admission score on TEAS pre-admission is also required. There are two admission cycles for fall and spring semesters. Students with a GPA of 3.5 can join the honors option to complete an additional 24 credits and graduate with a BSN with honors.

* * * *

Indiana University-South Bend

1700 Mishawaka Ave, South Bend, IN 46634

IU South Bend offers a NLNAC accredited bachelor of nursing program.  It starts with pre-nursing admission whereby students complete a set of prerequisite and nursing support courses. This follows a second application for admission into the nursing program which starts in fall and spring semesters.  Applicants must have completed 31-38 credits of pre-nursing coursework prior to applying. As students complete courses for the major, they have the option for taking additional 15 credits for the Complimentary Health Minor. South Bend welcomes international students for the nursing baccalaureate and even offers immigration service assistance for international students.

* * * *

Indiana University-Southeast

4201 Grant Line Rd, New Albany, IN 47150

Admission to southeast BSN program is a 2-step process. The first step is general admission into the university to complete the adopted general education curriculum required for all degree pursuers.  Freshmen require a GPA of 2.5 and 950/20 scores on SAT/ ACT.  Conditional freshman admission may be granted to those with a GPA of 2.3 and 900/19 SAT/ACT scores. Upon completion of prerequisite courses, students can then complete the 2nd step which involves application to the very competitive school of nursing.  To be eligible for graduation, students need to maintain a GPA of 2.0 throughout the program. Besides the nursing curriculum, students may also get involved in community partnerships in the school of nursing and the students nurses association.

* * * *

Indiana Wesleyan University

4201 S. Washington Street, Marion, IN 46953

The university is committed to offering liberal arts programs hence, the bachelors of nursing science curriculum is compounded with a good number of liberal arts courses.  Freshmen pre-nursing majors must complete at least 29 credits, earn a grade “C” or better in 4 selected science courses and earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 on all pre-nursing courses. Freshmen also need to take and pass a math competency test in order to progress into the major. While in the major, students can also take a program in Transcultural Nursing or Parish Nursing whereby a Certificate is awarded upon completion.  Parish nursing courses can be completed online.  At junior and senior years, academically motivated students can join the Eti Chi chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International honor society for nurses.

* * * *

Marian University Indianapolis

3200 cold Spring Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46222

At Marian university, you will not only receive nursing training but a faith-based basic nurse training education. This catholic Franciscan university offers a generic BSN track designed to take 4-years of full rime study. Newly admitted students take pre-nursing courses in the freshman year. Nursing courses and clinical rotations start in the sophomore year and take 6 semesters. As a Christian university, student nurses can engage in campus ministry, masses, spiritual growth and faith-based student organizations.  A chapter of Sigma Theta Tau is available for nursing students.

* * * *

Purdue University-West Lafayette

500 N. University St, West Lafayette, IN 47907

Purdue University has a 4-year baccalaureate nursing program designed for high school students. It starts with a solid foundation in general science and liberal arts courses. High school  seniors  are  welcome to apply if they are in an accredited high school, completed  selected high school units including math, English, Foreign language, science and social sciences . Other criteria include overall academic quality like GPA, ranking, overall college work completed and ACT/SAT scores.  There are also options to choose from a pool of minor programs that can be completed along with the major. The school of nursing has numerous nursing scholarships starting from the sophomore year going forward. There is also the Delta Omicron Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau and exciting study abroad options in Nicaragua and Navajo Nation.

* * * *

Purdue University-Calumet

2200 169th St, Hammond, IN

The undergraduate BSN is a limited enrollment, competitive program whereby admission is based on space, GPA and ACT/SAT scores.  Beginning students must meet high school subject matter including English, Algebra, Biology, Chemistry and Geometry. Upon admission, all pre-requisites and co-requisites courses must be completed before a second application to progress in the major is considered.  A student must maintain a GPA of 2.0 each semester to be allowed to remain in the program. Motivated students can join the university’s Sigma Theta Tau chapter of the international honor society for nurses.

* * * *

Saint Mary’s College

8 Havican Hall, Notre Dame, IN 46556

The bachelors nursing program is a 4-year traditional curriculum designed for first-time college students. The program is sectioned into two: a general education section and a nursing major section. The first 2 years are reserved for general education, nursing support and liberal arts courses. However, after completing 29 credit hours with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 of the required university courses, students become eligible to apply for the nursing major. Remaining section courses can be taken after application but before admission into the nursing program. Nursing courses are reserved for the 3 and 4th year but a few liberal arts courses are also taken along with the major courses.

* * * *

University of Evansville

1800 Lincoln Ave, Evansville, IN 47722

The Bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) at Evansville is designed for pre-licensure students planning to take the  NLCEX-RN exam.  There is only one application needed for admission in the nursing program i.e., there is direct admission to the major and students do not need to make a second application. This is the advantage that Evansville offers students. To be eligible for this direct admission program, high school graduates need to show proof of SAT/ACT scores of 1500/22 and be ranked in the upper third of high school graduating class. They must also have at least 2 years of science, 3 years of English and mathematics each. Nursing students can participate in study abroad semester in Grantham, England the university campus in Harlaxton College.

* * * *

University of Indianapolis

1400 E. Hanna Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46227

To be admitted in the first step of the BSN program, students need to have been ranked top 50% of their high school graduating class, attained a high school GPA of 2.82 or better, SAT or ACT scores of 900/19. Candidates must also have 3 years of high school math, 1 year of chemistry and biology each and 4 years of English. Freshmen are admitted to take a cluster of general education and prerequisites courses. Those who complete the said courses with a cumulative GPA of 2.82 maybe allowed to progress into the clinical nursing courses though acceptance is competitive and limited. Kaplan admission tests are also considered during the second admission. During admission, preference is given to those admitted as freshmen over transfer cases. Intellectually motivated students can take extra courses from the honor college to earn a BSN with honors.

* * * *

University of Saint Francis-Fort Wayne

2701 Spring St, Fort Wayne, IN 46808

The catholic-affliated Franciscan university offers a BS in nursing with a nursing major. The university uses a point system to select candidates for both the pre-nursing program and the major. High school graduates with a minimum GPA of 2.7, SAT/ACT scores of 1000/21 and at least 1 year of algebra, biology and chemistry qualify for direct admission.  On the other hand, students that do not meet this requirements are can seek admission as undeclared pre-nursing and apply to change status to major after completion of at least 12 hrs of pre-nursing courses.

* * * *

University of Southern Indiana

8600 University Blvd, Evansville, IN 47712

The nursing bachelors degree at USI has two methods of admission: early and standard admission. Early admission is granted to highly performing high school students with exceptional SAT/ACT scores. Such include a high school GPA of 3.5, SAT/ACT scores of 1200/26 and high TEAS test scores.  Such students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 on pre-requisites courses to be eligible to continue uninterrupted into the major. Standard admission is for students with SAT/ACT scores of 1000/21. Such students are first admitted to complete at least 35 hours of general education courses and a pre-admission test to become eligible to apply again for the major.  For this method, admission is competitive and limited depending on instructional facilities available. A new class is selected each fall but applications are accepted and reviewed throughout the year until close to start of the August semester. A regular student will take 4-years to complete this track at USI.

* * * *

Valparaiso University

1700 Chapel Dr, Valparaiso, IN 46383

Valparaiso is a Lutheran university that’s fosters spiritual, emotional, and intellectual growth as part of the professional training in the BSN program. The CCNE accredited program requires two applications which are done at the same time i.e. a common application to the university followed by a supplemental application to the college of nursing. If an application is accepted for the nursing BSN, students take the next 4 –years taking both nursing and general education courses. Besides the baccalaureate curriculum, students can take extra courses and earn a Parish Nursing Certificate. Their Christ Honors College is also open to academically motivated students who wish to take extra courses and graduate with a BSN with honors.