BSN Programs in Illinois

There are just under 30 different nursing schools in Illinois that are in our database and have Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing programs, with 28 universities with a BSN program in our database.

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States, and home to 8 different universities with a BSN program. There are some high-quality nursing schools not just in Chicago, but in Illinois.

Below are some featured online BSN or BS of healthcare programs, which you can get in touch with directly by clicking the “MORE INFO” button. These programs are currently accepting applicants and are 100% online. Following our featured list is the entire list of all nursing schools in Illinois.

Full List of BSN Programs in Illinois

Featured BSN programs accepting Illinois applicants
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Campus-based programs in Illinois

Aurora University
347 S. Gladstone Ave, Aurora, IL 60506
The traditional Bachelor of Science in nursing at Aurora prepares students to become first time registered nurses.  Interested students must first apply and be accepted in the university to complete prerequisite and general education courses. A supplemental application is needed after completion of the prerequisites courses while seeking admission in the upper division nursing section.

TEAS test scores is mandatory during this second application in addition to an overall minimum GPA of 2.75 on all prior courses. TOEFL is also required for international/foreign applicants.  Besides the usual nursing curriculum, Aurora University has a number of special programs open to all students. Such include the university honors program, AU Global Program, Army ROTC, STAR Program, Dunham Scholars Program etc. All these come with benefits including attractive scholarship opportunities.

* * * *

Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing

14 Broadway St, Quincy, IL 62305                                                                     

The unique joint BSN program offered by the blessing-Rieman College of nursing offer students an opportunity to study in three different campuses.  As a freshman of the basic BSN track, you will start off by completing general education and liberal arts education courses at any of the two partner campuses:  Quincy University or Culver-Stockton College. Students to the nursing program must be accepted independently at any of these campuses but indicate an interest in the major at BRCN.  Later-on, students can transfer to BRCN for nursing and clinical courses.  As a medical school having their own Blessing Health System and hospital, students receive adequate clinical practicum. Clinical courses are designed to start as early as the sophomore year all the way to the senior year.

* * * *

Bradley University

1501 W. Bradley Ave, Peoria, IL 61625

The baccalaureate in nursing science program is accredited by the NLNAC and is designed for beginning nurses. Freshman students need to submit ACT or SAT scores along with a letter of recommendation and a personal statement when applying for the nursing track. The program is designed to take four years whereby, the first year is exclusively reserved for general education courses. The sophomore year has a mixture of both clinical nursing courses and nursing support courses. Unlike most programs, Bradley nursing students still take a few general education and university courses all the way to the senior year.  To be eligible for graduation, students must complete at least 124 semester credits.

* * * *

Chamberlain College of Nursing- Addison

1221 N. Swift Road, Addison, IL 60601

The Addison Campus of the renowned Chamberlain College is the 3rd oldest campus of the college network. With this, students can expect to learn from a rich heritage of many years of nurse training that the college boasts about. At Addison, students are admitted to start on a very commitment-demanding career path that takes 3 academic years. Unlike other traditional nursing programs that take four years to complete, at Addison, you will finish your baccalaureate nursing degree in 3 years of full time year round-learning. It is a kind of accelerated program that has no summer offs. An exact replica of this program is also offered at the Chicago area and 9 other states in the country.
* * * *

Chamberlain College of Nursing –Chicago

3300, N. Campbell Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

At the Chicago Campus of Chamberlain, there is an on-site traditional Bachelor of nursing science program.  The program offers a unique style of completing nursing education which involves as all year-round study formats. This academic planning format enables to complete what other schools offer in 4 years in a record 3 years.  The entire curriculum consists of 129 semester hours: 69 in general education and 60 in clinical nursing major courses. Besides the traditional nursing curriculum, student nurses at Chamberlain are immersed in community service around Chicago and globally. 2-3 week exciting International Nursing Service Projects and experiences enable students to travel to Brazil, Kenya and Bolivia.

* * * *

Chicago State University

9501 S. King Drive, Chicago, IL 60628

Admission to the bachelor nursing program at Chicago state university is two-phase process. The first is admission into a pre-professional phase and a phase two of the professional program. To be admitted in the first program, high school graduates must have completed 3 years of social sciences units, 3 in sciences, 2 years of foreign language and 4 years of English. In addition to this, candidates must have attained a GPA of 2.5 or better and an ACT score of 18 or higher. For the professional program, students must have maintained a GPA of 2.5 on all science courses in the pre-professional phase. In addition, scores of university placement exams and the Nelson Denny Reading test must be submitted before selection for the major are done.

* * * *

Elmhurst College

30 N LaSalle St, Chicago, IL 60602

Elmhurst College is a private and Christian college that offers a CCNE accredited pre-licensure BSN program. Students interested in the program apply to the program as freshmen and indicate interest in the nursing major. The study plan is usually for students to take nursing support courses and liberal arts education in the first two years. Admission to take the above mentioned courses does not guarantee admission for the nursing major. If students complete the sophomore year with an overall minimum GPA of 2.75 on all courses and the same for science courses, they can apply to the competitive nursing major track. Students must also submit a personal statement and complete a nursing entrance exam. Nursing major students can choose a minor in intercultural studies to combine with the major. Intellectually curious and achieving students can also join the university honors program and the Zeta Beta chapter of Sigma Theta Tau international.

* * * *

Illinois State University

Campus box 5810, Normal, IL 61790

The undergraduate nursing bachelors program admits freshmen students directly in the major whereby retention and progression is guaranteed if the first 2 years are completed within the set standards.  For direct admission, students must indicate on their college application “Pre-licensure Early Admit”. Since there is space limitation for the nursing class, factors like CNA certification, ACT/ SAT scores, working experience and admission essay come into play. Progression into the major is guaranteed if pre-nursing courses are completed with a minimum average GPA of 2.5. Those who start their program at ISU are granted progression into the major in fall and spring while transfer students are admitted in summer and spring. Nursing students can benefit from a number of private nursing scholarships exclusive to student nurses.

* * * *

Illinois Wesleyan University

1312 Park St, Bloomington, IL 61701

Past the 50th anniversary in offering a 4-year nursing program, the university boasts to have a unique BS in nursing program. The four year program admits students to the nursing major directly without the need for a second application.  Once admitted in the program, students take the first year to complete liberal arts courses only. From the sophomore year going forward, courses are taken in mixed format of nursing, clinical and liberal arts courses throughout the 3 years.  Nursing major students can choose from Health, Spanish Language or Human Services Management minors to combine with the major. Academically strong students can also apply for induction in the Theta Pi chapter of the Sigma Theta Tau International honor society.

* * * *

Lakeview College of Nursing

903 N. Logan Ave, Danville, IL 61832

The college offers a sequenced level I to IV baccalaureate pre-licensure nursing track. The track is only designed for US citizens or permanent residents and do not at any time accept international students. An embossed birth certificate is a must to discern the nationality and origin of the applicant. Us citizens who are not citizens by birth must also submit a TOEFL or ELS test scores. Students are admitted in two cycles annually for the fall and spring semesters.  Prior to admission, students must take the HESI A2 pre-admission test.  Students with a GPA of 3.0 or better may apply for advantaged early admission. During application, students can indicate the campus they wish to study in ie Danville or Charleston.

* * * *

Lewis University

1 university Pkwy, Romeoville, IL 60466

The BS in nursing at Lewis University is fully accredited by the CCNE.  The curriculum incorporates the Lewis Lasallian and Catholic identity of the university. To start with, students are admitted at Lewis with a Pre-nursing status in the freshman year. During this time, prerequisite and pre-nursing courses are completed. A minimum GPA of 2.75 on all prior courses must be attained to be eligible for selection for the nursing major track. Nursing courses start as early as the sophomore year and continue to the junior and senior years. The entire curriculum consist of 131 credit hours: 42 non-nursing support credits, 25 of core general education courses and 64 in nursing major courses. Top performers can join the sigma Theta Tau Chapter of the university. Numerous nursing scholarships are available for nursing students from the financial aid services office.

* * **

Loyola University Chicago

1032 W. Sheridan Rd, Chicago, IL 60660

At Loyola university-Chicago, about 100 students are admitted directly into the baccalaureate nursing program without having to have a second application for the professional courses. Freshmen seeking admission in this Jesuit tradition university must have at least 1 unit in chemistry, biology, geometry & social sciences each, 2 for math and 4 units in English & Spanish each. Admission is very competitive and is based on other factors like ACT/SAT scores, essay and class ranking. All nursing classes are taken at the Lake shore campus and students have the privilege of having clinical rotations at the university own Medical Center among others sites. Loyola nursing students also enjoy numerous study abroad opportunities in places like Belize, Rome and England. Academically motivated students can join the Alpha Beta Chapter of STTI

* * * *

MacMurray College

447 E. College Ave, Jacksonville, IL 62650

MacMurray combines liberal arts education along with professional nursing education to come-up with all-rounded competent nurses.  For freshman admission, an ACT composite score of 20 and a high school GPA of 2.5 is required. High school chemistry is also a must for admission eligibility. Students admitted as freshmen for the 4–year nursing degree and maintain an overall GPA of 2.5 with grades of “C” or higher are automatically guaranteed a chance for the nursing clinical courses that start at sophomore level.  They get the experience of studying in a Methodist Christian university  while preparing for the NCLEX-RN exam.

* * * *

Millikin University

1184, W. Main St, Decatur, IL 62522

Millikin University; a private university boasts to have over 110 years of offering academic programs. Their 8-semester bachelors science of nursing is CCNE accredited and prepares entry-level students for first licensure as registered nurses. General university courses are usually reserved for the 1st year while nursing courses are introduced in the 2nd semesters of sophomore level.  However, students still take some general education courses at junior and senior levels. Along with the nursing curriculum, Millikin nursing students can also apply to take the School Nurse Certificate. This program enables students to become an Illinois Certified School Personnel with a school nurse endorsement.

* * * *

North Park University

3225 W. Foster Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

North Park offers academic programs in a multicultural, urban and Christian environment all wrapped in one. Entry into the generic BSN track involves two steps. Students start as freshmen by seeking general admission into the university to complete pre-nursing courses. The second step is application into the nursing program usually after the first year or after completion of the prerequisite courses. Prerequisite courses must be completed with an overall minimum GPA of 2.75 to be eligible for the nursing courses. Scores of TEAS test must also be submitted along with the second application. In a period of 4 years, students must have accumulated 120 credits to be eligible to graduate and take the NLCEX-RN exam.

* * * *

Northern Illinois University

1240 Normal Rd, DeKalb, IL 60115

The first step of applying to the basic BSN program is to get accepted in the university. However, students must indicate they are intended nursing majors.  Applicants must have a high school or a GED diploma in addition to an ACT score of 24 or better. Shortly after acceptance into the university, student’s applications are reviewed again for acceptance to the nursing program. There is only one admission cycle for classes starting fall semester. Accepted candidates can choose to take prerequisite courses at NIU or in a community college of choice. Academically bright students may; by way of invitation, join the Beta Omega chapter of STTI. NIU has a number of nursing scholarships available from the school of nursing offices.

* * * *

Resurrection University

3 Erie Court, Oak Park, IL 60302

From a small diploma nursing school, Resurrection has grown to offer advanced nursing programs including the baccalaureate nursing program to replace the diploma. As a specialty school for health sciences, students are assured of undivided attention from members of faculty and the university fraternity. Resurrection BSN program is specifically designed for students who have completed all prerequisites courses applicable for freshman and sophomore years. There is guaranteed admission into the upper division track for students who have a science and cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better in all their pre-nursing courses and a TEAS score of 80 or better. During admission, applicants with a GPA of 3.5 automatically qualify for a nursing scholarship program known as the President’s scholarship. The university offers two options to complete the pre-licensure program: 4 semesters of rigorous full time or 5 semesters for evening/weekend students.

* * * *

Rockford College

5050 E. State St, Rockford, IL 61108

Rockford, a private college offers a 4-year pre-licensure bachelor of nursing science degree that accepts new students once annually in the spring semester.  There is an early admission option designed for highly performing high school seniors. Applications for early admission remains valid if applicants maintain a GPA of 3.0 in biology, math, chemistry and English and attain an ACT score of 23 or better.  Applications for this option must be received by the end of the year preceding the high school senior year. Students admitted as regular freshman must have a GPA of 2.75, and either an ACT score of 20, level 3 on the college math placement exam or completion of college algebra with a grade “C” or better.  The program has unique features including a community-based learning approach study abroad & volunteer opportunities and summer camps.

* * * *

Saint Anthony College of Nursing

5658 E. State St, Rockford, IL 61108

The bachelors of nursing at SACN is an upper division curriculum designed for pre-licensure preparing for their first NCLEX-RN exam. As such, applicants must have completed all pre-nursing courses prior to making an application to the university. Students can complete the non-professional phase at any accredited nursing school and transfer the credits to SACN. Cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale is required for the 64 credits max designated as pre-nursing taken outside St. Anthony to be eligible for transfer. A pre-admission TEAS test is required during admission in addition to TOEFL score for foreign students. As a Christian catholic affiliated college, the parish course fosters parish nursing. In this regard, besides the registered nurse curriculum, the college offers a Parish Nurse Course to interested students.  The college is part of a large family of 8 hospitals and another nursing college based in Peoria which are collectively known as the OSF healthcare system. 

* * * *

Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing

511 NE Greenleaf St, Peoria, IL 61603

SFCCN is a small catholic-affiliated university and part of the larger OSF health care system.  The college has a bachelor nursing program consisting of 124 semester hours. These are subdivided into two: 62 credits for liberal arts and general education and 62 credits for upper division nursing courses. Essentially, SFCCN offers only the 62 latter credits while students must look for an accredited college of choice to complete the former.

To be eligible for admission, students must have completed at least 30 credits out of the 62 but 8 must be in physical sciences including physiology and anatomy. They must also carry a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better. However TEAS, ACT or SAT test scores are not required for admission: only the high school diploma/GED.  There are two admission cycles for the major for fall and spring semesters but admission is very competitive and has space limitations. 90 new students are admitted in each spring and fall semesters for the nursing major. As a catholic college, students are encouraged to participate in faith and service activities at their own will.

* * * *

Saint Xavier University

3700 W. 103 St, Chicago, IL 60665

The 4-year BS with a major in nursing at SXU is designed for entry-level students seeking initial licensure. Students are admitted as freshmen with a pre-clinical nursing major status to complete a program of general education and nursing support courses. High school applicants need to have a minimum high school GPA of 2.75 and 21 and 1450 on ACT or SAT respectively. A personal statement is also required from freshmen.  The upper division consists of 55 credit hours which can take 4 semesters to complete.  The university boasts to be one of the few colleges that have received the Center of Excellence (CoE) award by the NLN.  This recognition is from providing an environment of student learning and development.  Outside the curriculum, students can join the Sigma Theta Tau Alpha Omicron or the university’s Student Nurses Association.

* * * *

Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

1263 Lincoln Dr, Carbondale, IL 62901

SIU Carbondale was founded in 1869 and is considered the flagship campus of the Souther Illinois University school system. The nursing program offered at this school is fully accredited by Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and consists of of an expansive curriculum comprised of both didactic and clinical study. Completion of this program is anticipated at six semesters with in-depth coursework facilitated through on-site classroom instruction. SIU’s Regional Nursing Program is renowned for the intensity and technical depth of the core curricula offered within its credentialed Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.

* * * *

Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville

157 State Route, Edwardsville, IL 62026

As a small metropolitan university based in downtown St Louis, you will have an excellent experience taking your traditional BSN degree here. Students may start at the university as freshmen or transfer from other colleges having completed a pre-nursing program.  All prerequisite courses must be completed with an overall GPA or 2.7 prior to the fall admission date.  HESI A2 pre-entrance exam must be taken as part of the admission requirements.  For the upper division courses, the university offers students options to choose from two learning sites: at Edwardsville campus and at the Carbondale campus which, in addition to in-depth on-site classroom instruction, also offers a number of tele-education courses from the Edwardsville campus.

* * * *

St John’s College-Springfield

729 E. Carpenter St, Springfield, IL 62702

With over 125years history of nurse training excellence, St John’s College promises you the best time-tested nurse education. It only offers an upper division track of the basic BS in nursing degree. This means that all students interested in this program must complete prerequisite courses in accredited colleges of choice before transferring here. The college has two options: first time college students which include regular admission and early admission. Early admission students are those who express interest while still in high, continue to take pre-nursing courses after graduation and maintain the required GPA of 2.5 on all pre-nursing courses and pass the TEAS V test.

* * * *

Trinity Christian College

6601 W. College Dr, Palos Heights, IL 60463

Trinity Christian College has a CCNE accredited 4-year baccalaureate nursing program for students seeking initial licensure. There are two separate admission processes; one for the university and the other one for the school of nursing. To start off, students must be admitted in the college to complete prerequisites and liberal arts education prior to starting on junior level nursing courses. At sophomore year, a second application for consideration in the professional nursing track must be done. All liberal arts and general education courses must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5. Such courses include theology, English, physical education, philosophy, history, math, sociology, chemistry and biology. There is only one admission date annually for nursing classes starting fall semester. Academically talented students can join the university honors program as early as the freshman year if they rank top 10% of their class and have a GPA of 3.5.

* * * *

University of Illinois at Chicago

845 S. Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60612

The university does not accept students directly into the basic bachelor nursing program. Instead, regular freshmen are first admitted in the university and precisely the college of liberal arts. During the first two years here, students complete courses designated as pre-nursing. Approximately 57 credit hours must be competed here or transferred from a community college. However, there is a guaranteed admission option for the BSN designed for academically talented high school students.  Such students must have an ACT score of 28 and be in the top 15% o their high school graduating class. If these requirements are met, high school seniors may apply to the university followed by a supplemental application to the major. Nursing courses are offered on a full time basis at the Urbana and Chicago campuses.

* * * *

University of St Francis-Joliet

500 Wilcox St, Joliet, IL 60435

At this catholic affiliated university, students of the nursing traditional track are prepared to be not only nurses but to give a holistic and spiritual approach to nursing care.  The curriculum of the program can be divided into three parts: the general education courses, prerequisites courses and nursing major courses. Usually, the first 2 years are dedicated to completing the first 2 categories of courses. If these are completed with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75, students become guaranteed to progress into the major. Preference into the major is given to students who have completed courses at St Francis over transfer students. The major can be completed within 4 semesters bringing the entire program to 4 full time academic years.

* * * *

Western Illinois University

1 university Circle, Macomb, IL 61455

The bachelor of nursing science at the university is offered in two phases. The initial phase is a 2-year pre-nursing program consisting of core prerequisites nursing courses.  These include general education courses like statistics, chemistry, lifespan development, microbiology, nutrition among others. This phase of the program must be completed with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.33 on a 4.0 scale.  The next phase of courses is for students who have successfully completed the initial phase. It includes 4 semesters of nursing and clinical courses. Students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 to be allowed to progress in the second phase. Only 30 students are admitted in the program once annually for a fall start date.