Bryant and Stratton College Eastlake Nursing Program Review

Bryant and Stratton College Eastlake (BSCE) is a part of a proud educational experience stretching back 155 years. As one of the seventeen campuses of Bryant and Stratton College across four states (New York, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin), as well as an online division,  they are proud to continue a tradition of high academic achievement that has seen thousands of graduates move into productive careers throughout the U.S. and abroad.

They focus on a personalized educational experience with a mission of: providing individuals with skills that are immediately transferrable to the workplace and to help them in their careers. This can be seen in every aspect of the Bryant and Stratton education experience. The Eastlake campus fulfills its mission in a small suburban setting just fifteen miles from the hustle and bustle of Cleveland, Ohio. This commuter campus provides students the opportunity to fit educational and career growth into their busy, modern lives.

Nursing Program Overview
Accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the nursing program utilizes laboratory and clinical experiences in preparing students for careers in twenty-first century healthcare settings. The modern nurse is far more than care giver and support staff. The modern nurse is an integral part of a health care team, collaborating with his or her colleagues on all healthcare decisions regarding patient care; 21st century nurses utilize a variety of skills to fulfill their team role.

Bryant and Stratton College strives to graduate nurses who are ready for this dynamic healthcare role. Training takes place with the help of computer-aided instruction, telecommunication technologies, clinical simulations, and other technical strategies, ensuring nursing program graduates are fully trained for the ever-changing technical landscape of healthcare.
They also place a great deal of focus on blending clinical decision-making with the role of personalized care for patients. Our students are trained to blend several core nursing care components that have been established by the National League for Nursing.

Those components include: professional behaviors, communication, assessment, clinical decision-making, caring intervention, teaching and learning, collaboration, and managing care. With health care needs changing as our society evolves and changes, this complement of skills will ensure our graduates find themselves immediately prepared for a nursing career and poised to further their education in the future.

Associate of Applied Science
The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) nursing program of study is a two-year program geared toward preparing nurses to take the NCLEX-RN examination. This program blends nursing fundamentals with a strong liberal-arts foundation, educating the whole learner. Students take classes in a variety of areas in preparation for whatever nursing role they may take on in their future career.

The classes include, but are not limited to: pathophysiology, microbiology applications, medical and surgical nursing, geriatric and mental health nursing.  Between course work, laboratory training, and clinical practicum, candidates are rigorously prepared for the application of nursing strategies and standards of care. The culminating experience is an internship, providing necessary hands-on experience for each student.

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