Bishop State Community College Nursing Program Review

Known by many different names before the Board of Education of the state of Alabama established the name Bishop State Community College (BSCC) in 1989, this college has actually been in use for educational purposes for over 80 years. Originally this institution was a branch of Alabama State College in Montgomery.

The main campus, located in Mobile, Alabama, was joined by two additional technical colleges, now named Southwest Campus of Bishop State Community College and Carver Campus of Bishop State Community College. Campus number four was added in 1995 and named Baker-Gaines Central Campus.

Bishop State Community College Nursing Program Review

Bishop State Community College offers several different routes to attaining students’ academic and career goals. With three different programs to choose from, the students who apply to be admitted to a program can choose which route is best for them and their life styles. All programs are accredited and approved by The National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission and The Alabama Board of Nursing. Successful conclusion of the Associate Degree of Practical Nursing Program allows the student the opportunity to sit for the licensure exam.

PN (Practical Nursing) Program

The PN Program offered at the Bishop State Community College is among the best in the state. The program consists of three semesters of full time study to be completed by the student. In these three semesters, the student will acquire the knowledge to provide care of a range of patients in either a short-term or long-term facility. Clinical hours must be completed in this program allowing the student to get experience under their belt while completing the educational portion of the program. Certain pre-requisite courses apply for this program and are required to be completed before apply to the PN Program. Upon completion and passing of the state licensure exam to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN), students can then choose to go straight into the workforce or continue their education and career to the next level.

RN (Registered Nursing) Program

The RN Program offered at BSCC offers students the ability to acquire the needed skills and knowledge to be a competent member of the world of professional nursing. This program includes five semesters of full time study as well as clinical and lab experience that is overseen by licensed members of the health care profession and professors. Pre-requisite courses are required to be completed before applying for the RN Program at this institution. With this degree achieved, students are eligible to sit for the state licensure exam. This degree opens an abundance of doors for the student to kick start their career as well as opens doors to continuing education in the professional nursing field.

Career Mobility (LPN to RN) Program

In order to begin this program, prospective students must have an up-to-date Alabama PN nursing license. This program allows the student to step up in their career in the nursing field and further their personal knowledge of the most current practices, legal and ethical matters, and technology in the workforce. After completion of the project, students are eligible to sit for the state licensing exam.


Bishop State Community College
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Mobile, AL 36603
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