Biola University Nursing School Review

Founded in 1908 as the “Bible Institute Of Los Angeles”, Biola University now boasts more than 145 academic programs that have distinguished it from other schools. It is a private Christian university located in Southern California and is not linked to any specific religious denomination. It is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools.

Its nursing program was established in 1945 at the then School of Missionary Medicine. The program is accredited by the California Board of Registered Nursing, and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). Biola University only offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing (BSN).

Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing (BSN)

Biola University offers a 5-year Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing (BSN) that is grounded in liberal arts, science and nursing subjects. Students accepted into the program are either accepted in the pre-clinical nursing major or the clinical nursing. The former is a two year phase that prepares the foundation for the clinical phase of the course. Applicants must meet all health and admission requirements to be accepted into the course.

During the program, students gain the relevant nursing experience through hospital and agencies that are located in Los Angeles and Orange County. All students are encouraged to maintain a Christian outlook, positive nurturing character to remain in the program. Upon successful completion, graduates can sit the registered nurse (RN) licensure examination. Those that pass the examination are recognized and primary health care givers.

Thirty Unit Curriculum: LVN to RN

This option is open to licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) that want to take courses that give them the necessary knowledge and qualifications to sit the California registered nurse licensing examination. All applications are evaluated on an individual basis. Transfer students from accredited institutions that have completed comparable pre-licensure courses will receive academic credit after courses are analyzed and evaluated

Nursing Admission Requirements

Biola has a two-phase admission process into its BSN program. The first phase is the pre-nursing major and the second is the clinical nursing program. Students are advised that admission into the pre-nursing major does not guarantee admission into the clinical nursing program. A separate application is required for the latter to enter the three-year clinical phase. Background checks and health-related examination are part of the requirements to enter its competitive nursing program. Additionally, students must have outstanding TEAS scores that are in line with the requirements at the school. They must also have an exceptional GPA and demonstrate a grade “C” of higher for pre-requisite courses to enter the program.

Transfer students that have not started nursing must submit a normal application to the program. They must ensure that all pre-requisite courses are taken and completed to progress successfully throughout the program. All transfer students from other nursing programs are evaluated individually. 

Registered nurses (RNs) and licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) must have current active licensure in the United States of America. They must also be graduates from regionally accredited nursing programs to be accepted into Biola University. RNs may also present proof of one year working experience to enter the program. This requirement is optional provided they meet one or both of the previously mentioned requirements. 

Students that wish to challenge nursing courses may do so provided they submit the necessary requirements for admission into the program.

Financial Aid

Students that are in need for financial assistance can choose between scholarships, grants and loans at the University. The main scholarships available to nursing students are:

1)     Academic Scholarship (Freshman Students): This scholarship is awarded automatically once the student meets the admission requirements at the university. It is renewed each year once a minimum GPA is maintained.

2)     Academic Scholarship (Transfer Student): Awarded to students that are transferring 15 or more credits and that have established GPAs.

3)     Alumni Dependent Scholarship: Only students that have completed 30 units of course work at the school and at specific locations are eligible to apply.

4)     Church Matching Scholarship: This is a non-renewable scholarship that is awarded to students with financial challenges. To be considered, students must receive financial sponsorship from a church. Biola University will then match up to a certain amount of the awarded amount.

5)     Community Service Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to full-time students that have demonstrated strong leadership and community skills. 

6)     LEAD Scholarship: Scholarship available to students that promote multi-ethnic awareness through their own consciousness and acceptance of their roots in the United States.


1)     Cal Grant A- Open to undergraduate that demonstrate financial need and are within certain academic achievements. Applicants must be a resident of California.

2)     Cal Grant A- Same requirements as Cal Grant A

3)     Federal Supplementary Education Opportunity Grant – Must be an undergraduate and recipient of Pell Grant.

4)     Pell Grant- Open to students with demonstrated financial need. Must be an undergraduate or have Teaching Credential.

5)     President’s Award: Open to graduating senior

6)     University Award/ Grant- Open to students with financial need.


1)     Direct Stafford Loan: Students must have a minimum half-time enrollment. They received subsidized amounts for their financial need.

2)     Direct Parent PLUS Loan: Loan is based on credit and open to students with minimum half-time enrollment.

3)     Biola University Loan: Student must demonstrate financial need.

4)     Helen Grace Colbert Yates Loan: Only applicable to those instructed by the Financial Aid Office to apply.

5)     Federal Nursing Home: Must be enrolled in the nursing program, demonstrate financial need and minimum enrolment of half-time.

6)     Federal Perkins Loan- Must demonstrate financial need and minimum half-time enrollment.

7)     Freeman Aitken Somerville Loan: Only applicable to those instructed by the Financial Aid Office to apply

8)     Private Student Loan: Loans available to US Citizens, international students with U.S. Cosigner or eligible non-citizen.

Biola University
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