Bevill State Community College Nursing Program Review

Bevill State Community College (BSCC) is the result of the merging of Walker State Technical College and Brewer State Junior College. In 1993, Hamilton Campus of Northwest Alabama Community College was added to Bevill State Community College’s campuses. A fourth campus, UAB/Walker College, was added in 1998 to complete the collective campuses of BSCC. Along with these four campuses, there is also an educational site at Pickens County Educational Center.

Bevill State Community College Nursing Programs Review

BSCC offers two different certificate programs as well as an Associate Degree in nursing. These different programs offer the student the opportunity to keep reaching for the top level of education while allowing them to get into the workforce while achieving their academic goals. By taking these different routes in education in the nursing field, graduates and certificate holders attain the knowledge of the most current technology and practices.

Nursing Assistant Certificate of Completion

Assisting in the care of patients in a health care setting is the primary responsibility of a Nursing Assistant. Students who complete this certification program will find employment opportunities that require they work under the supervision of nursing staff at the facility as well as other medical staff. This training provides the student the knowledge and skills to help the patient become more mobile on their own, assess vital signs, help the patient with day-to-day tasks, and detect changes in the patients’ medical condition. This position allows for the Nursing Assistant to establish long-term relationships with the patients as they are generally the principal caregiver. Generally, employment opportunities for these students are with long term care facilities and can also be called Geriatric Aides.

Practical Nursing (PN) Certificate

The Practical Nursing Program offered at BSCC is a program that gets the student ready to go on to achieve professional licensure in the nursing field. It provides certificate holders with the understanding of the basic needs of patients in the care of critical and long term facilities, as well as familiarity with general nursing processes, communication, and legal and ethical issues. PN certificate holders have the education to be employed in a variety of different health care settings. Gaining this certificate also allows for a range of continuing education the student can apply themselves toward. A passion for interpersonal relationships with the general public is essential to reaching excellence in this field of study.

Nursing ADN – Associate in Applied Science

The ADN Program at BSCC prepares nursing students to become familiar with critical and long term practices by combining common educational classes with nursing specific classes. These courses allow the student to prepare for their career in the nursing field by gaining experience in clinical settings that are guided by professors and other medical professionals in addition to regular classroom curriculum. This particular degree requires five semesters worth of classroom instruction and clinical experience. Admissions to this nursing program are highly competitive because of the limit put on how many students one teacher can productively instruct. This program also opens a plethora of doors for each graduate when it comes to continuing education in the field of nursing. While not all employment positions require graduates to continue on to advanced degrees, the continuation of education of students with this degree allows for more advancement in the professional nursing career field.


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