Bemidji State University Nursing School Review

In 1919, the history of a school that would become Bemidji State University started. It started off as a normal school training teachers but the scope was later re-organized to include diverse programs. The university has changed names thrice from its time of inception i.e. from a state teachers college to Bemidji State College and to the current name. The university’s name comes from its location; which is just at the shores of Lake Bemidji in Minnesota. It has a rich culture due to the large proportion of American Indian learners and the influence of urban life.

Bemidji State University Nursing- (BSU Nursing)

The department of nursing at Bemidji State University (BSU) is mandated to offer various nursing degrees. The two nursing programs offered by the university are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. They are also approved by the Minnesota Board of nursing and are follows:

Four year BSN Track Program

The 4-year Baccalaureate nursing track program at Bemidji State University focuses on molding professional nurses who are on their first nursing experience. The track requires students to take a minimum of 120 credits of both nursing and non nursing courses. Students start their freshmen year on general education credits and only take nursing courses starting from the sophomore year. Completion of the program awards the student a baccalaureate in nursing degree.

RN to BS Track

This track on nursing is older than the four year track at Bemidji. It specifically focuses on the advancement career needs of already registered nurses holding either diploma or associate degrees. Since the program is designed for working professionals, it is very flexible and includes both part time and full time study options.

The program is affiliated with Anoka-Ramsey Community College where some classes are offered in the colleges’ Cambridge campus.  The courses schedule is complex as senior and junior students never meet in the same campus at the same time. On this note, students only meet in campus as a whole for the first two weeks and consecutive classes are alternate- online and campus based.

Students at the junior level attend classes every 3-4 fours weeks on Mondays and Fridays at the Anoka Ramsey Community college Cambridge campus and the rest of the classes are offered online. Similarly, senior students attend classes every 3-4 four weeks at the department of nursing clinical resource centre in Bemidji State University with the rest of the classes being offered online.

The flexibility of the program also allows adult learners to choose their most convenient location for the clinical practicum mostly within their neighborhoods. The blended format of both online and campus instruction makes the program an attractive option for registered nurses seeking to complete a BSN. The program is very short and requires only 33 nursing credits to complete.

For students of Anoka-Ramsey Community College, this program from Bemidji State University guarantees them direct transition into completing the four year nursing BSN. Since the program is partially offered at their college, they are at a better chance to enroll for the program when starting off at Anoka.

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