Bayonne Medical Center Nursing Program Review

The School of Nursing at Bayonne Medical Center (BMC) opened its doors for the first students in 1891. The school offered in-house training for nurses who also served as members of staff in the hospital during their free time. The school was first approved for diploma nurse training in 1912 but by 1973, students started taking college credits from St. Peter’s College.  By 1998, the school expanded its curriculum and formed a joint program to enable students graduate with an associate degree alongside the diploma from Bayonne Medical Center.

The Nursing Program at Bayonne Medical Center

One nursing program is offered by the school of nursing at Bayonne medical center. The curriculum leads to two awards: a diploma and an associate degree. The program is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting commission and is approved by the New Jersey Board of Nursing. The objective of the program is to prepare entry-level students and licensed Practical nurses to become registered nurses.

The Cooperative Program

Students admitted into Bayonne Medical Center school of Nursing have the advantage of receiving training from two distinct institutions. All course work required is taught by School of nursing and Hudson County Community College faculty.  Students need 33 nursing credits and 37 general education and supporting courses. The coursework is spread-out in 2-years of 4 fall and spring semesters, 2 winter sessions and 4 summer sessions.

Most courses with a clinical component are taken at Bayonne Medical center on a hospital-based delivery mode.  Completion of the program leads to the award of a Diploma from Bayonne Medical Center and an Associate of science in nursing degree from Hudson County Community College. Students also become eligible to apply and take the NLCEX-RN exam to become registered nurses.

Licensed Practical Nurses wishing to have a transition into professional nursing are also welcome to apply into the program. Such students must show proof of LPN licensure in the state to be eligible to apply.  Prior to admission, LPNs must take a Test of Cognitive Skills (TCS) to be allowed to take the LPN Transition course.  The courses enable students to gain advanced placement status in the associate towards becoming registered nurses.


All qualified candidates must make their applications for consideration in this cooperative program from Hudson County Community College.  Students must note that all administration costs, fees and any other payments are paid to the community college and not Bayonne Medical Center. In addition, students pay all the applicable fees including tuition fees in the rates being used at Hudson

Joint Admission Program RN to BSN

The joint admission program enables Registered Nurses (RNs) to complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree after graduation from Hudson County Community College and Bayonne Medical Center School of Nursing. These two have partnered with New Jersey City University to facilitate a ‘seamless’ transfer of their RN graduates.  Students transfer all the 71 general education and nursing credits taken at the two institutions to the New Jersey City University BSN program. After admission, students take an online BSN transition course that further awards then 17 nursing major credits. This means that RNs only need to complete 42 credits at the university to graduate with a BSN degree.

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