Bay de Noc Community College Nursing Program Review

Bay de Noc Community College (BayCC), commonly known as Bay College is situated at the heart of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Its history dates back to 1962 where it started off as a very small college with a very small curriculum too. During its founding years, it suffered a lot in offering technical programs especially nursing. Later on, donations from well-wishers enabled the university to have infrastructural developments to become the community college it is today. It has since developed well structured associate degrees that enable students advance from two-year program to four year transfer programs into major colleges and universities.

Nursing Division-Bay College

The nursing division is one of the seven academic divisions at Bay College. The division offers two part-hierarchy nursing programs. The programs curriculum is designed to prepare the students to transfer to four –year programs in other universities with which it has articulation agreements with. For accreditation and program approval, the nursing division has been accredited approved by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission and the Michigan Board of Nursing respectively.  The mobility program is if offered in two parts as explained below:

Part I Licensed Practical Nurse

This is a 43 credit- certificate program under Bay college. The program is part I is designed such that students earn a certificate as a Licensed practical Nurse in the state of Michigan. The certificate program is offered in two options, a full time program at Dickson and Delta Campuses of Bay College and a part time option offered only at Delta campus. Ultimately, the student practical nursing students are expected to sit for the NCLEX-LPN exam for which they will receive a LPN license.

Part II-Associate of Nursing Degree

The part two nursing program at Bay College enables students to gain licensure as registered nurses. The program is designed to stand on its own by having the capacity to train entrance level students who wish to become registered nurses. On the other hand, the program can take in the Bay college graduates of the Part I and help them get an associate degree in nursing. The latter students receive credit transfer from their LPN licensure and hence take a shorter time to complete the program than fresh entrants.

The program is offered as a part time plan for students taking classes at Delta and West campuses of Bay College and a part time option is also available at Delta Campus.

Health Careers Certificate

Still under the division of nursing at Bay de Noc Community College, the health career certificate is not a specific certificate program. As such, it offers nursing foundation courses and other healthcare related courses. The health careers certificate requires that students take a total of 25 credit hours as a requirement for the award. At Bay College, the certificate credits can be used towards the enrollment in the licensed practical nurse certificate or towards the Associate degree in nursing. It is an advantage to take these courses as they will form part of the ADN prerequisites requirement in addition to getting a certificate from them only at Bay de Noc Community College.

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