Baptist Health System School of Health Professions Nursing Program Review

The Baptist Health System is a large healthcare provider in South Texas and the San Antonio area. It has many facilities, includes five acute-care hospitals, a regional children’s center and women’s health center, rehabilitation services and imaging centers, in addition to the School of Health Professions. The Baptist Health System School of Health Professions (BHSSHP) is commonly referred to as the Baptist School of Health Professions (BSHP).

In 1903, the Baptist Health System started the Department of Professional Nursing, a nursing school. This was followed in later years by other health sciences schools, such as Surgical Technology, Medical Imaging Technology, and Vocational Nursing. These programs evolved into what is now known as the School of Health Professions.

Nursing Programs

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Nursing

The AAS program is a five semester, 65 semester credit program. Students are admitted to the program in January and August.

To be eligible to apply to the program, students must have taken the prerequisite courses of Anatomy and Physiology with a lab, Introduction to Psychology, and Microbiology with a lab.

Students that apply to this program will need to fill out an online application and email the Admissions Advisor to verify receipt. They will also need to pass the TEAS V admission exam, submit high school or GED transcripts or diploma/certificate, take the Gallup survey, and submit proof of having taken the prerequisite courses with a C or better grade.

Admission is based on the student’s GPA, TEAS V score, and results of the Gallup survey. This program is popular and not all students that apply will be admitted.

Students that successfully complete this program will graduate with an AAS degree, and will be eligible for the Registered Nurse (RN) licensing exam (NCLEX).

Vocational Nurse

The Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) program is for students wishing to begin a career in nursing at the entry level. This program takes one year to complete.

To apply to the program, students must be at least 18 years old.They will need to apply online to the program, take the TEAS V exam, complete the Gallup survey and submit their high school or GED diploma or certificate.

Students will also need to complete the prerequisites of Anatomy and Physiology, and Growth and Development. If they plan on continuing their education in the future, it is advised to also take the Anatomy and Physiology lab at this time.

LVN to RN Advanced Placement

This program is available for LVNs who wish to earn their AAS degree and become licensed as RNs.

Advanced placement is offered to LVNs that have met the entry requirements and taken the prerequisite courses for the AAS program. They must also hold a current Texas LVN license, and have three months of LVN work experience in the last year, or 6 months of work experience in the last two years. Students that don’t have recent work experience may take a refresher course.

If admitted into the program, LVNs will begin during the second semester of the AAS program.

This program is designed to reduce cost and time for the student by recognizing nursing courses they have already finished and eliminating the need to repeat them.

Perioperative Nursing

This program is for the RN who wants to be a part of the surgical team and care for surgical patients. This program is part of the Department of Surgical Technology, and takes 20 weeks to complete 17 semester credits. Graduates will earn a Certificate of Perioperative Nursing, and be eligible to earn certification by taking the Certification Board Perioperative Nursing CNOR exam.

To apply, students must be licensed RNs, or be eligible to take the NCLEX licensing exam. In order to receive their certificate of completion for the program, students that don’t already have their RN exam must pass the test before the end of the course.

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