Autry Technology Center Nursing Program Review

Autry Technology Center (ATC, Autry Tech) first opened its doors in 1967 and was one of the first vocational-technical institutions to open in Oklahoma. Now, they serve thousands of people through various services and programs that can improve people’s career opportunities and developmental skills.

Autry Technology Center – Nursing

This program has been accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC), the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education (ODCTE) and the Oklahoma Board of Nursing (OBN).

Practical Nursing

The first class of Practical Nursing in Autry Technology Center started in 1968 and the first evening class was added onto the roster in 1996. This program combines both classroom and clinical experience and lets students move at their own pace as they study. It covers all of the aspects needed to complete that national licensing exam for the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).

Long Term Care Nursing Assistant

In a nutshell, nursing assistants care for sick people or those who need help taking care of themselves under the supervision of licensed nurses or doctors. This program takes 74 theory hours and 16 clinical hours to complete.

Medical Terminology

In a nutshell, medical terminology helps students learn about the language involves in medicine by teaching them word-learning skills that involve learning prefixes, roots, abbreviations and suffixes. This program takes 45 course hours to complete.

Structure and Function of the Body

This course is part of laboratory science and teaches students about the structural complexities and intricate functions of the body through fieldwork and scientific investigations. This program takes 120 course hours to complete.

Nursing Concepts

This course uses nursing concepts to teach students how to provide care along with other healthcare team members by focusing on teamwork, communication and learning in nursing, professionalism, human development, nursing law, nursing ethics, and health promotion.

Fundamentals of Learning

This introductory course to nursing care teaches students how to use nursing effectively, collect data, perform assessments, and provide patient education through documentation and the skills and principles of nursing, in general. Several special topics are also included in this course.


This course teaches students all about medication administration skills and basic pharmacology, including effective and safe skills and IV therapy administration. This also nuclides electrolyte and fluid balance.

Medical Surgical Nursing II

This course builds on other courses’ concepts and focuses on illness prevention, overall healthcare, and health management and maintenance. It includes performing assessments, providing patient education, and using smart judgment.


This course will teach students how to relate normal development and growth and how to tell what a child’s physical, social and emotional needs are.

Maternal Newborn Nursing

This course exists to help students get a holistic approach to caring for expectant mothers, new mothers and neonates. It includes the care of regular and complicated patients and babies, as well.

Mental Health Nursing

This course exists to help students learn how to deal with patients who have mental problems by teaching them about the different mental problems out there and how to treat them properly.

Transition to Professional Nursing

This course exists to teach students how to transition into becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). It includes beginner’s management, job readiness and organizational skills.

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