Augsburg College Nursing Program Review

Augsburg College is a church college of the Lutheran church of America. As such, its history dates back to the 1870s when it served as a seminarian college in Wisconsin. The college later moved to its current city location but the needs of training personnel for a city necessitated the change of the seminary into a general education college alongside the seminary. At this period, the college started admitting female students and the seminary and the liberal arts college was separated. Since then, the college has grown tremendously to offering undergraduate, master and doctoral degrees in many academic fields.

Nursing at Augsburg College

The nursing programs of Augsburg College (AC) are offered at the main campus and the Rochester Lutheran church nursing division. The programs have been accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and approved by the Minnesota board of Nursing. All programs are for advancement outlooks and do not take-in fresh nursing students but those seeking career advancing from registered nursing.

BSN Completion

Students are expected to take a total of seven nursing major courses which can be completed in either a part time of full time basis. Full time students can complete the program in about fifteen months if they have taken their liberal arts and general education course prior to admission into the program. The courses can also be taken during the weekends and evenings while clinical practicum must be taken during the day for part timers. The college has the sole mandate of deciding what courses from other colleges can be accepted towards completing the BSN at Augsburg.

Master of Arts in Nursing

This a unique master degree offered as an option for advanced nursing at Augsburg College. The program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and is offered in both campuses of Augsburg College. Students are welcome to choose from two tracks of the MA namely:

  • Master of Arts in nursing-Trans-cultural Nursing Community Track
  • Master of Arts in Nursing-Transformational Leadership & Management Track

For both programs, students must take a total of 10 courses, five of which are directed to nursing tracks mentioned above. The programs are unique from the usual master of science in nursing in that it focuses on bringing nursing services to the population that are beyond the mainstream traditional care nursing . Students taking the Trans-cultural option will be eligible for certification as advanced community health nurses. On the other hand, students who choose the transformational leadership track receive classroom instruction from courses in master of business administration, Master of Arts in leader and from the nursing department.

Doctor on Nursing Practice

This terminal degree in nursing offers masters prepared students to undertake studies with a focus on trans-cultural nursing. The program is available as both a full time and part time commitment with a total of 10 courses. The part timers are expected to complete their program in three years while the full time basically runs for two academic years.

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