Arnot Ogden Medical Center Nursing Program Review

Arnot Ogden Medical Center; home to the Arnot Ogden School of Nursing (AOMC-SON) was established in 1888. It is part of the Arnot Health Group consisting of 3 hospitals located in the Southern and Northern Tier of New York and Pennsylvania respectively. Arnot Ogden School of nursing was opened three years after the hospital following the increasing needs of nurses. The hospitals and the school of nursing are independent non-profit making organization committed to providing health care and hospital-based nurse training to the residents around it.

Nursing Programs at Arnot Ogden School of Nursing

The school of nursing offers two curriculum options for students who wish to become registered nurses. The school offers a 3-year nursing diploma program with options for fresh entry students and those who are already Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN). Both programs are accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission and are registered by the New York State Department of Education. Students are advantaged to have Arnot Ogden Medical Center and other two Premier hospitals for clinical rotations and direct patient experience before they get out of school.

Three Year Program Diploma in Nursing

The full time 3-year diploma program is designed to prepare entry-level high school graduates who wish to become registered nurses (RN). The diploma program accepts students each year for classes beginning September and candidates must place their applications before May 15th each year. Prior to placing an application, candidates must take a Test of Essential Academic Skills exam (TEAS).

If admitted, students enroll for 25 general education and science semester hours at Elmira College since these are not offered at the school of nursing. During the freshman and 2nd year level, a combination of general education and nursing courses are taken at both Arnot Ogden School of nursing and Elmira College. The senior level courses are exclusively nursing courses and are completed at the Arnot Ogden.

The school has a term study plan as opposed to the usual semester plans. Generally, courses are offered on a 13-week schedule on the start of each level after which students take a 3-week break. After resumption, another 13-week cycle starts and ends with a 1 week spring break followed by a 9-weeks term that ends with a long summer break. After successful completion of the 9 terms of 75 credits, students become eligible to write the NCLEX-RN exam to become registered nurses besides graduating with a Diploma in Nursing.

Practical Nurse (PN) to Registered Nurse (RN)

This option is developed to offer practical nurses the advancement opportunity to become registered nurses. Each student seeking advanced placement must apply for nursing credits validation and this leads to an individualized study plan for each LPN to RN student. Credit transfer for general education courses is allowed after students take the College Level Examination Program (CLEP).

Students under the advanced placement plan can choose from the full time and part time options. However, all requirements for graduation must be completed within 5 years after admission. After successful completion, students become eligible to take the NCLEX-RN exam to make the transition into professional nursing. A diploma in nursing is also awarded.

Institution based-Scholarships

Arnot Ogden School of nursing has two in-house scholarship programs for its student nurses. The Arnot Ogden Medical Center Auxiliary Scholarship is open to senior level students who demonstrates need coupled with good academic achievement. The Marguerite Shelgren- Endsley Scholarship program is meant for junior students who demonstrate financial need and academic excellence.

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