Arizona Western College Nursing Program Review

Arizona Western College (AWC) provides its students with a network of people, programs, and organizations to promote a community oriented learning environment. Students enrolled at Arizona Western College find that the college is centered around learning from a technological stand point that helps students obtain skills based knowledge.

Arizona Western College Nursing Program Review

The nursing program at AWC offers full time faculty and staff in order to supply students with the best possible resources for their study. The program is intended to educate students to become productive members of the nursing industry. AWC’s Nursing Program is approved by the Arizona State Board of Nursing and is accredited by the national League for Nursing Accrediting Commission.

Nursing Assistant Program – CNA

This program prepares the student for entry level positions in a variety of different medical settings. After completion of the program the student must take the state exam in order to achieve the title of CNA. After this title has been achieved the student can go out into the field to gain employment and begin the exciting and dynamic career in the nursing field. Students can also use this education in order to gain higher degrees in the nursing field. Employment opportunities for CNAs can be in hospitals, clinics, long term care facilities, or other medical facilities.

Associate Degree in Nursing – ADN

This program is designed to train students in the area of nursing to become a professional nurse with the title of RN. This program prepares students for the national licensure exam by teaching them the in classroom knowledge they will need in general education as well as nursing specific courses. Clinical laboratory experiences are required of each student in this program. After completion of the program requirement the student may apply to take the licensure examination, but completion of the program does not necessarily mean that the student will be able to participate in the exam. They must first be approved by the council. After completion of the program and passing of the exam, the student will then be considered a Registered Nurse (RN) and will be able to seek employment as a RN. Working as a RN the student will have the opportunity to advance to management positions.

Practical Nursing Exit Option – LPN

Students enrolled in the ADN program can choose to exit after the third semester and take the Transition to Practical Nursing course, which allows them to obtain their Practical Nursing certificate in just one more semester. After completing the certificate program, the student can then apply to take the national licensure exam in order to gain the title of Licensed Practical Nurse. Once the LPN title has been achieved the student can then go on to seek employment as an LPN. The employment opportunities for an LPN include clinics, hospitals, long term and short term care facilities, as well as others. The student will be overseen in these medical settings by RNs, doctors, and other medical staff.


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