American Sentinel University

Colorado based American Sentinel University, founded in 2006, is the result of the merger of the American Graduate School of Management, Sentinel University and the American College of Computer and Information Sciences.  The college offers more than 20 degree programs primarily in computer science and information technology, business, and the healthcare field.

Online Nursing Degrees

Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Nursing

The online RN to BSN (Registered Nurse to Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nursing) program at American Sentinel University is for nurses who desire increased job security and mobility in their profession.  The course requires 30 credits to complete (assuming that you have earned 30 previous credits in an RN program), and tuition is $11,100.  The course is based upon the competencies of the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) project.  The six competencies on which the degree is based are patient-centered care, teamwork and collaboration, evidence-based practice, quality improvement, informatics and safety.

Online Master’s Degrees in Nursing

American Sentinel University students enrolled in the online master’s of science in nursing program must choose one of five specializations in the master’s in nursing course.  Registered Nurses that do not hold a bachelor’s degree may also pursue the RN to MSN course.

MS Nursing-Case Management

The Case Management Specialization is ideal for nurses who desire to start their own business, as the program teaches a balance between patient satisfaction and cost of service delivery.  Students in this course will learn how to meet the growing need for case managers and can also find work in a variety of healthcare facilities.

MS Nursing-Infection, Prevention and Control

Monitoring critical infection indicators, epidemiology and data management are critical components of the infection, prevention and control course specialization.  Students in this course will learn how to monitor and use data to identify healthcare epidemics.

MS Nursing-Nursing Education

The Nursing Education specialization has two tracks, Academic Program Leadership for those interested in leadership posts in academic environments and the Educational Leadership track for students interested in pursuing doctoral studies and becoming a faculty member at a university.  This course is unique in that it offers a $40,000 loan repayment option for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

MS Nursing-Nursing Informatics

Nurses in this course will become specialists in data information systems, managing and protecting patient data, and using the most advanced software and processes for efficient data management.  Nurses earning the online accredited specialization can obtain employment in a variety of healthcare and public health settings.

MS Nursing-Nursing Management and Organizational Leadership

Management of fiscal resources, strategic planning, and management are key components of the online management and organizational leadership specialization.  Students will also develop understanding of labor laws and human resources initiatives.


The RN to MSN program is designed for nurses with bachelor’s degrees in another field or who hold an associate’s degree to complete their master’s degree in nursing.  Students must choose one of five specializations above.

The online master’s degree courses require 36 credits and range in tuition from $8,400-$16,200 depending on the number of transfer credits.

Online Doctoral Degree in Nursing

Doctor of Nursing Practice Executive Leadership

A doctoral program designed for nurses seeking a position in a high-technology facility, the course is open only to nurses with a minimum of 3 years executive leadership experience or a combination of a master’s degree in nursing and advanced nursing experience.  The DNP program requires 42 credits, and tuition is $23, 940.  This program requires additional fees amounting to over $5,000.


American Sentinel University is accredited by the DETC Accrediting Commission

Online nursing programs at American Sentinel University are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)*

*The Doctoral Program and MS Nursing-Infection, Prevention and Control are yet to be accredited by CCNE

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