Aesthetic Nurse Training

Aesthetic nurse training focuses on cosmetic dermatology and cosmetic surgery. These nurses assist plastic surgeons and dermatologists in performing minor procedures.

These include:

–        Injections of botlinum toxin and dermal fillers, like Botox, Restylane, or collagen.

–        Chemical skin peels.

–        Microdermabrasion.

–        Laser skin treatments, like hair removal and facial resurfacing.

–        Face lifts.

–        Fat grafting.

–        Sclerotherapy.

In addition, they also assist with other duties, like:

–        Assessing patients for signs of aging.

–        Providing post-operative care and instructions.

–        Filling out patient charts and records.

–        Maintaining OSHA and HIPAA compliance.

Aesthetic nurses are expected to perform all of the duties of regular nurses when it comes to patient interaction and care, in addition to having extensive knowledge of laser safety, concentrated acids, and plastic surgery patient aftercare.

Some aesthetic nurses will end up in operating rooms, assisting with fat grafts and implants. Others may end up in a small office, assisting with laser procedures. The sheer number of different dermatological and cosmetic procedures out there means that cosmetic nurses need to be well-rounded.

Aesthetic Nurse Training – What it Takes

Aesthetic nurses are, above all, nurses. They are held to a scope of practice just like other nurses are, and are governed by their state’s Board of Nursing. As a result, training requirements for aesthetic nurses can vary from state to state. In most states, aesthetic nurses are required to be registered nurses or advanced practice registered nurses before they are allowed to handle laser procedures, injections, or chemical peels. In other states, some of the duties of an aesthetic nurse can be handled by an aesthetician, a skin care specialist with absolutely no nursing training. In still other states, only a physician may perform procedures like dermal filler injections or deep sclerotherapy.

In general, after becoming an RN or APRN, nurses who choose to become aesthetic professionals can enroll in special aesthetic nurse training programs. These are designed to teach nurses the specifics of laser physics and safety, chemical peels, and injectables like collagen. Some aesthetic nurses are able to obtain hands-on instruction from doctors in the field, but many states are in the process of revising their educational and certification requirements for aesthetic nurses, including insisting on formal education programs. Because state regulations can vary so much, it’s best that you contact your state’s Board of Nursing in order to get an accurate overview of educational, examination, and certification requirements for asethetic nurses in your area.

Aesthetic Nurse Salaries

Aesthetic nurses can make anywhere from $12 to over $40 an hour, depending on their level of education, the kind of services and products they are certified to use, and the practice they work for. Nurses who provide support to plastic surgeons in busy, urban areas generally command the highest salaries, while those working for dermatologists or spas in quiet, small towns generally end up on the lower end of the spectrum. Similarly, nurses in states that allow aestheticians to handle some of their scope of practice generally earn less than nurses in states that require aesthetic nurses to be RNs or APRNs.

Why You Should Become an Aesthetic Nurse

The field of aesthetic nursing provides a lot of unique opportunities for nurses. There aren’t really any other medical fields where nurses will be able to handle things like powerful lasers and potent skin peels, or where they can help people feel beautiful. If you enjoy nursing, but would like to enter a field that poses a different kind of challenge than being a hospital staff nurse does, then asethetic nurse training may be able to help you.

Some advanced practice nurses end up becoming entrepreneurs, opening up their own spas and offices. If you want to remain a nurse, and turn your medical education into a business opportunity, then aesthetic nursing might be the perfect field for you.

Aesthetic nurse training is about more than helping rich people look younger- it’s also about helping people with scars and other disfigurements recapture their lost self-esteem. As a nurse, you can help people feel better. As an aesthetic nurse, you’ll be able to help people look as good as they feel.