ADN Programs in Tennessee

Why Consider a Career in Nursing?
One of the most chronic shortages in health care is in the field of nursing. The segment of the population 65 and older is projected to increase 79 percent by 2030. Studies have shown that most people in that age group have at least one chronic illness, meaning that they will require more health care, not less.

The Affordable Care Act will aggravate the nursing shortage by providing insurance coverage to millions of individuals who currently cannot afford to seek healthcare. The Tennessee Center of Nursing has estimated that by 2020, Tennessee will be short over 14,000 nurses. If you are already interested in the field of health care, nursing in Tennessee certainly deserves your consideration.

What Does a Tennessee ADN Program do?

An Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program is a 2 year program usually offered at a Tennessee community or technical college designed to provide you with the foundation which you need in order to pass the national licensing exam for registered nurses and become a registered nurse. The two year Associate’s Degree in Nursing Program will provide you with a solid background in the health sciences, biology and particularly nursing that you will need in order to be successful in your chosen field.

Where Can I Find an ADN Program Acceptable for Tennessee?

The Board of Nursing in Tennessee approves ADN programs that meet the qualifications it has set forth for ADN programs. These standards and qualifications are designed to ensure that graduates of these Associates Degree in Nursing programs will have the necessary background and knowledge required to allow graduates both to practice as a registered nurse and to pass the national licensing exam for nurses required by Tennessee. The Board of Nursing in Tennessee also provides a list of passing rates on the national licensing exam for each of its in-state schools. The school whose ADN program you are considering attending should also be able to provide you information about its status with the Tennessee Board of Nursing and its graduates’ NCLEX passing rate.

Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) Training Schools: 2 Year Nursing Programs in Tennessee

Aquinas College

4210 Harding Pike

Nashville, TN 37205

(800) 649 – 9956, (615) 297 – 7545

The ADN program at Aquinas College enables the students to enter the nursing profession. It provides professional and personal growth. It also prepares the students for practicing their job in effective, ethical, professional and competent manners. In order to find out more about this program, the prospective students can make use of the Nursing Information Session.

Chattanooga State Community College

4501 Amnicola Highway

Chattanooga, Tennessee 37406 – 1097

(423) 697 – 4404, 1 – 866 – 547 – 3733

Nursing is an interesting domain and more and more people want to become registered nurses. The Associate Degree Nursing Program at Chattanooga State Community College offers this opportunity. The program is accredited by NLNAC and it lasts 2 years. It includes both night and day courses. After graduation, students can work in nursing homes, hospitals, health care agencies or physician’s offices.

Cleveland State Community College

PO Box 3570

Cleveland, TN 37320

(423) 472 – 7141, (800) 604 – 2722

Cleveland State Community College includes a Nursing Department offering an ADN program. This major lasts 2 years and encompasses a summer term between the first year and the latter year. The curriculum includes laboratory and clinical experiences within local health care establishments. The admission process for this program includes the drug screen and the criminal background check. The passing rate at the NCLEX exam is 96%.

Columbia State Community College

1665 Hampshire Pike

Columbia, TN 38401

931 – 540 – 2722

The Associates Degree in Nursing Major is accredited by NLNAC and approved by the Board of Nursing in Tennessee. Criminal background checks, as well as a drug screen are required before applying for this program. The students must also pay $10.00 representing the application fee. The minimum credit hours are 66. If they meet this requirement, the students can take their licensure exam.

Dyersburg State Community College

1510 Lake Road

Dyersburg TN 38024

731 / 286 – 3316

The ADN program is one of the most popular programs of study at the Dyersburg State Community College. This discipline is extremely dynamic and requires a lot of knowledge and skills. In order to be able to enter this program, the prospective students must think about taking mathematics, chemistry and biology courses.

Freed – Hardeman University

158 E. Main St.

Henderson, TN 38340

(800) 348 – 3481

The major of Associate Degree in Nursing is very important for the Freed – Hardeman University. This program has received accreditation from the renowned NLNAC. Moreover, it has a passing rate of 67%. The curriculum includes nursing courses, which are the most important, specialty courses involving health care and RN license. There are also 10 hours of biblical values.

Jackson State Community College

2046 North Parkway

Jackson, TN 38301

(731) 424 – 3520

With a RN pass rate of over 97%, the ADN program at Jackson State Community College is one of the best in the county. The prospective students can get more details regarding this major by participating in the Information Sessions organized at the end of the spring semester. The graduates can work in rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, extended care facilities and clinics.

Lincoln Memorial University

6965 Cumberland Gap Parkway

Harrogate, TN 37752

423 – 869 – 3611, 800 – 325 – 0900

The ADN program and the Nursing Department at Lincoln Memorial University are directed towards success. More than 93% of the graduates manage to take the licensure exam upon completing the program. The admission criteria are submission of student essential functions form and urine drug screen, 2.5 points in cumulative GPA, academic transcripts, completion of prerequisites, formal application and admission to LMU.

Motlow State Community College

P.O. Box 8500

Lynchburg, TN 37352 – 8500

(931) 393 – 1500, 1 – 800 – 654 – 4877

Motlow State Community College offers many reasons for entering its ADN program. The faculty staff is experienced and highly qualified, the support services are comprehensive, the Nursing Department is reputable and trustworthy and the curriculum is adapted for the today’s needs. Moreover, the pass rate for the state licensing is more than 98%.

Northeast State Community College (Kingsport)

320 West Market Street

Kingsport, TN 37660

423 – 323 – 3191

The Associates Degree in Nursing Program at Northeast State Community College requires 65 credit hours for completion. Afterwards, the graduates can take the license examination and embrace their dream career. The program of study includes Fundamentals of Speech, Introduction to Microbiology, General Psychology, Human Anatomy, Pharmacology, Statistics and Probability and Nursing Process.

Northeast State Technical Community College (Blountville)

2425 Tennessee 75

Blountville, TN

(423) 323 – 0243

The Nursing Department encompassed in the Northeast State Technical Community College features a special ADN program. This 65 – credit hours program is accredited by NLNAC and it prepares the students for major roles like managing care, professional behaviors, collaboration, communication, caring interventions, clinical decision making, assessment and learning and teaching. 87% of the graduates pass the NCLEX exam.

Pellissippi State Community College

10915 Hardin Valley Road

P.O. Box 22990

Knoxville, TN

865 – 694 – 6400

Increasingly more people embrace the nursing career. The Pellissippi State Community College has seen this opportunity and has established a comprehensive Associate Degree in Nursing Program. The program has the duration of 2 years and the courses are spun over 5 semesters. This program allows the students to apply for a number of 8 scholarships, including the renowned Johnson and Johnson scholarship.

Roane State Community College

276 Patton Lane

Harriman, TN 37748 – 5011

(865) 882 – 4605

The Associate Degree in Nursing Major is an intensive program offered by Roane State Community College. The program is completed after 2 years. The first year involves 6 hours weekly in a nursing lab and another six hours in a clinical setting. In the second year, the number of hours spent in a clinical setting increase to 12.

Southern Adventist University

4881 Taylor Circle

Collegedale, TN 37315

423 – 236 – 2000, 1 – 800 – 768 – 8437

The students graduating from the ADN program at Southern Adventist University will know how to meet the needs of communities, families and individuals. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to learn in a multi – cultural environment. The program is accredited by NLNAC and has an excellent pass rate at the RN exam: over 99%.

Southwest Tennessee Community College

5983 Macon Cove

Memphis, TN 38134

(901) 333 – 5000

The Southwest Tennessee Community College provides one of the best ADN programs in the state. This is revealed by the RN passing rate, which is 100%. The Board of Nursing in Tennessee and NLNAC have approved and accredited this program. The students can obtain financial aid by applying for one of the numerous nursing scholarships available.

Tennessee State University

3500 John A Merritt Blvd

Nashville, Tennessee 37209

(615) 963 – 5000

The Division of Nursing at Tennessee State University includes an Associate Degree in Nursing major designed for those who want to help and take care of other people. In order to obtain this Associate Degree, the students must complete 4 full semesters of courses. Upon completion, they can take the RN exam. The passing rate for this examination is 100%.

Walters State Community College

500 South Davy Crockett Parkway

Morristown, TN 37813 – 6899

423 – 585 – 2600, 800 – 225 – 4770

Those who are interested in quality nursing education can apply for the ADN Program at Walters State Community College in Morristown. This program prepares the individuals for becoming experienced registered nurses. Upon graduation, the major will be in nursing and the title of the degree will be Associate of Applied Science. To graduate, the students must obtain 65 credit hours.