ADN Programs in Rhode Island

What careers will an ADN in Rhode Island prepare me for?
An ADN (“Associate’s Degree in Nursing”) will prepare you to become a registered nurse in Rhode Island.  Once you complete your ADN program, you will have the opportunity to fulfill the other requirements for obtaining a registered nursing license in Rhode Island.

Without an ADN, or a four year bachelors degree, an individual will not be allowed to take the national licensing exam for Registered Nurses (RN’s), or apply for licensing from the state of Rhode Island.

What Agency in Rhode Island Supervises ADN programs and RN licensing?

The agency in Rhode Island responsible for supervising ADN programs and RN licensing is the Rhode Island Nurse Registration and Nurse Education Board.  Its job is to develop and enforce standards for nursing education programs and individual licensing.  As part of its duties, the Board has approved four in-state ADN RN programs.  Rhode Island is also a member of the Nurse Licensure Compact, so if you have attended an approved ADN program in another state, you will be able to practice in Rhode Island, also.

What National Licensing Exam does Rhode Island Require for ADN graduates?

To become a registered nurse, Rhode Island will require you to take the NCLEX-RN examination.  NCLEX-RN stands for the National Council (of State Boards of Nursing) Licensure Examination for RNs.  (There is a similar exam, the NCLEX-PN for licensed practical nurses.)  The examination is a comprehensive, six-hour test.  In order to be eligible for the test, you must first have completed your ADN program, and then have submitted an application packet both to the State Nursing Board of Rhode Island and Pearson Vue, the company that designs and administers the test.  Once your application is accepted, then you will be assigned a testing spot and date for your examination.

Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) Training Schools: 2 Year Nursing Programs in Rhode Island

Community College of Rhode Island (Lincoln)

1762 Louisquisset Pike

Lincoln, RI 02865

(401) 825-1000

Community College of Rhode Island offers a Level II Associate Degree Nursing program. For the Level II program, the applicants must have followed and passed MATH 0500 and ENGL 1005. Also, they should obtain 2.5 cumulative GPA and optimum clinical performance in Nursing II. In order to pass the ADN program, the students must obtain a minimum of 71 credits.

Community College of Rhode Island (Newport)

1 John H Chafee Boulevard

Newport, RI 02840,

(401) 851-1600

The Community College of Rhode Island located in Newport features an Associate Degree Nursing program available for international students. The admission requirements for these students are proof of financial support, personal data statement, an evaluation, proficiency in English and an enrollment application. They also should pay the application fee of $20.

Community College of Rhode Island (Providence)

One Hilton Street

Providence, Rhode Island 02905-2304

(401) 455-6000

The students graduating from the ADN program at Community College of Rhode Island in Providence are eligible to take their licensure exam upon graduation. The pass rate for this exam is almost 92%. In order to complete the program, the students must meet the preadmission requirements and courses as well as the major requirements.

Community College of Rhode Island (Warwick)

400 East Avenue

Warwick, Rhode Island 02886-1807

(401) 825-1000

In order to be admitted to the ADN program offered by Community College of Rhode Island in Warwick, the applicants must own a high school diploma and they must be over 18. The Community College of Rhode Island also accepts international students. They have to pay all the fees and tuition and they must obtain 12 credit hours per semester. They cannot obtain financial aid.