ADN Programs in North Dakota

Why Consider Nursing in North Dakota?
A highly rural state with one or two population centers, such as the cities of Bismarck and Fargo, North Dakota has a shortage of Registered Nurses, especially in its rural areas. Agriculture is the largest industry in North Dakota but both petroleum and food processing are also major industries.

North Dakota has large reserves of fossil fuels as well as lignite coal. While the winters are long and cold in North Dakota, as one might expect in a state that shares a border with Canada, North Dakotans have learned to make the most of it with popular winter activities including snowmobiling, ice fishing and raccoon hunting. If you like wide open spaces, and don’t mind the cold, then North Dakota may be the state for you!

Can I become an RN in North Dakota with an ADN?

Yes. In North Dakota, as in most states, an ADN (associate degree in nursing) program is a two year program usually offered at a community college designed to provide you with the foundation which you need in order to pass the national licensing exam for registered nurses and become a registered nurse. The two year Associates Degree in Nursing program will provide you with the solid background in health sciences, biology and particularly nursing that you will need in order to be successful as an RN. It is an interesting fact that a recent survey of nursing in North Dakota found that RNs with ADN degrees were offered slightly higher starting salaries than RN’s with four year degrees. The North Dakota Board of Nursing recognizes six ADN programs in-state, and will also accept out of state nursing applicants if the ADN program the out-of-state student is attending is recognized by the Board of Nursing in the state where the program was located.

Where Can I Find an ADN Program Acceptable to North Dakota?

The six in-state ADN programs recognized by the North Dakota Board of Nursing are listed on its web site or immediately below this article. If you are attending on out of state school and wish to be a nurse in North Dakota, check with both the North Dakota Board of Nursing and your school to see if it complies with the necessary requirements, and to begin working on your application well in advance in case there are any unexpected glitches.

Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) Training Schools: 2 Year Nursing Programs in North Dakota

Bismarck State College (Bismark, ND)

P.O. Box 5587, 1500 Edwards Avenue, Bismarck

ND 58506

Phone: 701-224-5400, 800-445-5073

The Bismarck State College is one of the best in the field when it comes to colleges issuing ADNs once their students graduate. The ADN is a good in case you want to become a registered nurse, as it qualifies you to sit for the RN professional licensing exam. In addition, as a student here, you can benefit from financial aid in order to be able to complete your studies and from tutoring and support services in case you start feeling overwhelmed. Moreover, this college also provides a transfer curriculum for students interested in completing just two years of their education in college.

Dakota College at Bottineau (Bottineau, ND)

105 Simrall Boulevard Bottineau

ND 58318

Phone: (701) 228-2277

The Dakota College at Bottineau is known to offer three-tier nursing programs for those wanting to get an ADN. These are very valuable degrees that are essential whenever one’s looking to become a registered nurse and work in a private or public healthcare system. Besides the great nursing study programs this college has, what’s also impressive about it is that it offers financial aid to students who can’t afford to complete their education on their own. The financial aid at the Dakota College comes in the form of scholarships, loans and grants.

Forth Berthold Community College (New Town, ND)

220 8th Ave. N.

P.O. Box 490

New Town, North Dakota 58763

Phone: (701) 627.4738

The Forth Berthold Community College can offer graduates Associate Degrees in Nursing, as soon as they complete their education here and successfully pass the final NCLEX exam. In addition, besides combining theoretical classes with practical training sessions during which students can practice their skills, this college also offers financial aid programs to students needing it and child care for students who have children and need some place to leave them during classes.

Lake Region State College (Devils Lake, ND)

1801 College Drive N.

Devils Lake, ND 58301-1598

Phone: (701) 662-1600, (800) 443-1313

TDD (701)662-1572

The Lake Region State College is able to prepare its students for passing successfully the NCLEX exam they must take at the end of their studies, in order to get their ADNs and become professional, registered nurses. In addition, this college offers students the opportunity of studying online, without having to leave their home or giving up their jobs. Moreover, it also offers financial aid in the form of grants, scholarships and even loans, to students who simply can’t afford to pay their education on their own, but still want and are capable to get their degrees in order to become registered nurses.

North Dakota State College of Science (Wahpeton, ND)

800 6th Street North
Wahpeton, ND

Phone: (701) 671-2298

The North Dakota State College of Science is among those superior educational institutions that offer Associate Degrees in Nursing to graduate students. These degrees can be very useful when it comes to finding work as a registered nurse, and therefore they should be regarded with much seriousness. After following the courses of this college, students can take the NCLEX exam which can then propel them into the job of a registered nurse. However, the classes at this college mustn’t necessarily be followed n the traditional sense of the word, as they’re found online, as well. However, these are mostly chosen by students who can’t leave their home in order to study.

Williston State College (Williston, ND)

1410 University Ave
Williston, ND 58801

Phone: 701.774.4200, 1.888.863.9455

The Williston State College is able to offer graduate students Associate Degrees in Nursing, after they pass the final NCLEX exam. In addition, this college also provides students the opportunity of choosing among traditional classes that are taught in the classroom, and distance learning where they must perform the teaching themselves. Regardless of their choice though, all students will be able to get their degree at the end and use it in the future in order to start working as registered nurses.