Accredited Online Nursing Degree Programs

The nursing field, like many other professions, have taken the huge step of technological advancement to enable nursing students earn degrees right from their homes or in their offices.  It is easier than ever before to enroll for distance learning in various nursing degree programs without ever appearing in a physical classroom.

However, you must be able to separate the wheat from the chaff by looking for accredited online nursing degree programs from accredited online nursing schools.

While almost all nursing degree programs may be completed online, there is an observed increase in the number of students who take given nursing degrees online while the preference is low on other degrees. Below are nursing degrees that can be completed online:

Licensed Practice Nurse Programs

These are not entirely at degree level- but are nursing accreditations that allow one to practice in the medical field. They are usually offered by community colleges, vocational centers and middle level colleges. Almost any nursing school is able to offer accredited online LPN programs. It is one of the most common online nursing programs because it involves a shorter course curriculum and practical sessions as compared to longer nursing degrees.

Students can take theory classes online and get affiliated with the institutions’ hospital of choice to enable them take clinical practical classes at an accessible location.

Associate of Science in Nursing Degree

The common trend to earn an ASN degree online is via the LPN to RN programs. Many online nursing schools record huge enrollment for this degree mode probably because of the duration of study. Students who take this degree program online are usually in the interest of having to complete a nursing degree fast to get into employment.

The online degree program in ASN can take as short as 18 months to complete as compared to traditional physical classes that go for about two years. Just like the case of LPNs, students can arrange practical assessment at a nearby clinical setting so as to complete the requirements to graduate.

Certified Nurse Assistant

Similarly, this is a short nursing program that has high preferences of online study mode. Students who enroll for this online nursing program are usually immediate graduates who want some vocational training in the medical field and would want to have nursing as their major career line. Community colleges, NGOs and vocational centers are popular in offering this nursing program.

Online Paramedic to RN programs

This is for emergency medical technicians who wish to become registered nurses. Students who are already paramedics receive exemption in some credits and therefore take a shorter time to complete their nurse training.

Overall, the shorter nurse training programs have great preference of online study modes as compared to BSN, MSN or Doctor of Nursing. The shift in preference can be explained by the work-load involved or maybe the hours needed for practical clinical rounds. For BSN or MSN who have to take over 200hours of practical sessions, it would prove difficult to have an online study mode.

However, this does not mean there are no online nursing degrees for BSN, MSN or Doctorates: quite a number of online nursing schools offer these options for students to choose from.

Be on the Look-out; Do Not Fall Prey for Unaccredited Online Nursing Degree Programs

Time and resources are precious investments and should, at no cost be sacrificed with anything. This is a principle that should be well applied by any student who wishes to enroll for an online nursing degree program. It would be beyond contemplation to pay fat fees checks and invest three years or more; in the name of studying, only to realize you are equal to someone who have never entered a nursing class. This is the embarrassment of enrolling for unaccredited online nursing degree program.

Ensure Accreditation for Online Nursing Degrees

Before enrolling with any self-proclaimed online nursing school, check that their online nursing degrees are accredited to ensure you have nothing to lose but only a valid-recognizable certificate at the end of the study program.

You must therefore, ensure the online degree program and the school you enroll with is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission.