5 Best Nursing Schools in the USA You Might Not Know About

Choosing the right career path and going for higher education are the two huge steps in every person’s life. Not only can it be extremely fun to study at college, but it can also give just the right boost to your future career.

Needless to say that the value of the academic degree is somewhat shady these days, as more and more people prove that it is possible to build a successful career even without a diploma. Yet, even in today’s flexible world, there are still some specialists who simply can’t do without a degree.

As most of you should already know, to land a nurse job, one has to possess at least an ADN (Associate Degree in Nursing). This is the required minimum. However, while you can possibly get a job with an ADN, having a Bachelor’s degree will definitely bring you more perks. Specialists who completed a BA course in nursing tend to get hired faster and receive higher pay.

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Choosing the Best Nursing School in the US: Top 5 Options

Now that the core motives for going for an undergraduate degree are clear, there is one more big question left – where to find the best nursing program? Of course, today, you can find an enormous number of universities that do provide programs on this subject. Some are cheap, while others are pretty costly. Yet, the biggest difference between them (that should be kept at the core when making your decision) is the quality of each school’s curriculum and research program.

The range of choices is huge. With such a wide range of options, one can get lost and may feel like making the right choice is a real challenge. In fact, it is. However, when you know your options, it can get at least a bit easier.

To help you get on the right track, we’ve gathered some of the best nursing schools in the US that each student should consider:

  1. University of Pennsylvania

This institution often ranks high in different top lists of US schools. And we have to admit there are quite a few reasons for listing it here!

The University of Pennsylvania is widely known. Some of its biggest highlights are remarkable programs. The school employs some of the best professors, while each lecture given here is both informative and engaging. However, what you may not know about it yet is that this school has some truly great Nursing courses.

Former and current students say a lot of good things about their alma mater. They typically emphasize the strong culture, friendly community, and incredible programs provided here.

  1. Duke University

Another great option is Duke University. This place is known for offering its students tons of great opportunities, professional development, career exploration, and much more. And it is known as one of the world’s best research schools.

Students also highlight the high quality of academic advising here, as well as a comfortable and beautiful campus. Besides, the school often gets to the top positions in rankings of the best nursing programs. Thus, it is another great choice for everyone looking to build a career in this field.


  1. Georgetown University

Our next top pick – Georgetown University, is one of the oldest private schools in the US. Thanks to its long history, this facility has earned a solid reputation in the world. It is known for having programs that are well-respected by employers, which means that such an education will definitely look great on your CV.

The BSN program offered here is one of the best ones in the country. By the time of graduation, the program gives you as much as 850+ hours of hands-on clinical experience at local facilities.

Apart from the Bachelor’s course, at Georgetown University students can also opt for a Master’s degree.

  1. New York University

New York University is widely known and recognized as a global university of the highest level. This school accepts students from all over the globe. And it is also one of the top-ranked facilities with excellent staff and powerful courses.

NYU is also considered to be one of the best schools for nurses. It offers a wide range of undergraduate program options, including a traditional BSN, as well as accelerated and second-degree transfer programs. Also, there are a few graduate options.

One more thing worth noting is the high pass rate. Namely, NYU has a 99% NCLEX pass rate.

  1. University of Washington

Finally, our last top pick is the University of Washington. This school has always had a flawless reputation, which is not surprising given its high-quality programs and exceptional faculty staff.

For nursing students, in particular, the school provides a variety of benefits. First of all, just like Georgetown University, this facility enables its students to get lots of hours of clinical experience at different locations across the region, including plenty of top-ranked hospitals.

Another benefit is a wide range of innovative programs designed for those looking to get a degree faster. And lastly, the school has a wide range of courses designed to prepare you for different roles. So, it is also a good option.

The Bottom Line

Of course, the top five options we shared with you earlier are not the only opportunities available out there. However, these are definitely among the best ones.

Each of these universities is widely known for having excellent reputations. However, while you have definitely heard about them, chances are you didn’t know those also offer some of the best nursing programs.

Hopefully, this article will help each of you find some nice options to consider. The final tip we would like to give you is to pick your dream college based on your unique needs and expectations. If you follow your heart while making this choice, be sure that your studies will be pleasant and enjoyable!