Ultimate Medical Academy

Founded in 1994, Florida based Ultimate Medical Academy offers career and vocational training in healthcare fields including nursing, phlebotomy, and medical assistance.  The academy is committed not only to education, but to job placement and was recently recognized as military friendly institution.

A medical advisory board develops and evaluates Ultimate Medical Academy’s programs to ensure that they are relevant and providing quality education to the students.  Members of the advisory board also offer externships, opportunities to gain hands-on industry experience, to Ultimate Medical Academy students.

Overview of Programs, Certificates, and Degrees

  • 2 online associate’s degree programs in Healthcare Management and Health Information Technology
  • 2 campus based nursing programs

Online Nursing and Health Care Degrees Review

Though no online programs are offered in nursing, the Associate’s Degree programs in Healthcare Management and Healthcare Information Technology can provide nurses with added knowledge and understanding of their health care institution. Such additional qualifications may provide steps necessary to move toward more advanced nursing roles and leadership positions.

Online Associate’s Degree in Nursing

Students who complete the Associates Degree in Healthcare Management are prepared to pursue a variety of entry level leadership positions in healthcare facilities, physician practices, healthcare organizations or nursing care facilities. The degree program also prepares students to sit the exam for Certified Medical Manager-Academic (CMM-A) examination by the Professional Association of Health Care Office Management (PAHCOM).  Students take courses including Medical Practice Management Systems and Introduction to Leadership and Management.

Duration and Cost

The course can be completed in 18 months.  The program tuition is approximately $21,720.

The Associate Degree in Health Information Technology also provides nurses with skills and knowledge relevant to their field, particularly nurses with an interest in informatics.  With careers in the informatics field expected to increase, nurses will be adding a very valuable proficiency to their skill set.  Though informatics techs do not usually interact with patients, nurses with this skill may find themselves able to complete a dual role.  Health informatics techs can find careers in physician offices, hospitals, nursing care facilities, outpatient care centers, offices of physicians, and certain areas of the government.  Courses in the program include Introduction to Healthcare Computer Information Systems and Healthcare Data Quality and Management.  Competencies to be learned in the program include applying coding and diagnosis procedures in patient records, assessing and monitoring quality of patient records and using health information technology to assemble, store and analyze patient data.

Duration and Cost

The course can be completed in 18 months.  The program tuition is approximately $24,130.


Faculty at Ultimate Medical Academy have industry experience and are committed to helping students reach their goals.

Things to consider:

  • Nursing programs are not accredited by a nursing body.
  • Online programs offered are not nursing programs, but may provide beneficial skills and knowledge to advance in the nursing profession.


Ultimate Medical Academy is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES).

Ultimate Medical Academy
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