La Salle University Nursing School Review

La Salle University (LSU) in Pennsylvania does not believe that education should be viewed as a one-dimensional concept. Rather this school, originally established by the teaching order of the Christian Brothers in the late 1800s, strives to offer instruction that blends intellectual, spiritual and personal development to create rounded, world-changing human beings.

Nursing Program

With a new facility offering state-of-the-art instructional technology, and a faculty devoted to providing students with an interactive career- and character-building education, the Nursing Program at La Salle University gives back to its community and offers the workforce a new generation of skilled, knowledgeable caregivers. This program gives students many options for progressing through levels of education to gain the credentials appropriate for their professional aspirations. Students successfully completing these programs will be eligible to sit for state licensing exams to earn enhanced titles.

BSN Program

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program offers students a course of study anchored by sciences and the liberal arts. Unique to La Salle University, the BSN Program is designed to allow students to learn and training independently to prepare them for the responsibilities of a career as a Registered Nurse. Students are given instruction in general Nursing concepts in both theoretical classroom and clinical experience formats. This four-year, full-time day program lays a foundation for graduate learning.

RN to BSN Accelerated Program

La Salle University encourages its students to pursue a lifetime of growth and learning, which is why the Nursing Program offers a range of graduate level courses of study. Students are able to build upon previous learning to earn higher degrees and enhanced credentials. The first of these programs is the RN to BSN Accelerated Program through which licensed Registered Nurses can earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. This online program is largely self-directed and furthers an RN’s understanding of clinical and theoretical Nursing concepts as well as honing critical thinking and application skills.

RN-BSN to MSN Program

Highly focused students who know they want to pursue a Master’s degree are able to enroll in the RN-BSN to MSN Program. This complex accelerated program gives students the opportunity to take select Master of Science in Nursing level courses while fulfilling the RN to BSN course work. Successful completion of this program earns graduates a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and prepares students to complete the remaining MSN course requirements.

RN to MSN Bridge

The RN to MSN Bridge is a unique program that allows Registered Nurses with Bachelor degrees in non-nursing disciplines to complete course work for a Master of Science in Nursing degree. Students complete four undergraduate-level Nursing requirements and are then given access to the MSN program.

Achieve Program

The Achieve Program was specifically designed to allow working adults to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Courses are offered in the evenings and on weekends over the course of seven semesters in just over two calendar years. Students are expected to have completed specific prerequisites prior to enrolling in this program.

Students of the Nursing Program at La Salle University enjoy the opportunity to fulfill clinical experience requirements at a wide range of area medical settings. These include hospitals, nursing homes and local schools. Successful completion of these programs enables graduates to pursue fulfilling careers in a variety of capacities, and to also seek even further levels of education.

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