Gannon University Nursing School Review

Gannon University (GU) in in Pennsylvania offers far more than spiritual teaching in its Catholic-based setting. The academic instruction provided by its dedicated faculty has also earned the institution ranking among the top schools in the nation. Over 4,000 students enjoy the varied degree and certificate opportunities offered at the school’s impressive campus.

Nursing Program

The Nursing Program of Gannon University was designed to provide students with educational opportunities that prepare them for professional careers in the nursing field. Students have three track options from which to choose which will allow them to reach personal and professional goals.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program

The BSN Program begins intensive study into the nursing field in the first year of a student’s study, with clinical experiences beginning in the sophomore year. This four year program is designed to prepare students for compassionate, skilled careers as Registered Nurses through a three-part curriculum blending general education courses with supportive and core nursing courses. Nearly half of the 128 credits needed for completion of the program are in the nursing major, making this program a rigorous and thorough study of the field. The BSN Program is structured in three levels that progress in difficulty as the student grows in knowledge and understanding of the material.

RN to MSN Program

Advanced education provides professional nurses with credentials that make them more attractive candidates for higher level positions within their career. This makes many already-licensed Registered Nurses aspire to earn a graduate degree. Through the RN to MSN Program at GU, licensed RNs are able to earn a Master of Science in Nursing degree at an accelerated rate. Up to 32 nursing credits can be fulfilled through the RNs previous experience. Admission into this program requires students to have collected at least 1,000 hours of clinical service per year for the four years prior to admission into the program or have served full-time as a Registered Nurse for four out of the previous five years. In addition to this, applicants must have a personal interview and offer three non-family references that can offer information regarding the applicant’s character and aptitude.

So therefore at the graduate level, here are the options available:

    Nursing Anesthesia

    Family Nurse Practitioner

    Nursing Administration


School Nurse Certification

Offered as an elective option for current BSN students as well as already-licensed RNs, the School Nurse Certification Program offers additional credentials to professional nurses, as well as a career path for those interested in serving within the school system. School Nurses provide healthcare services to students with an emphasis in prevention and education. Though the required courses for this certification can be taken while a student pursues a BSN, the actual certification will not be formally awarded until after licensure as an RN.  Permanent certification is available to those students who pursue additional post-graduate course work after certification.

Admission into Gannon University Nursing Programs requires students to submit documentation of appropriate academic achievements as well as evidence of good physical and mental health and good moral character. Students graduating from GU can enter the fast-paced nursing field with the confidence to compete for stable, fulfilling roles in various care and treatment facilities.

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