Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Nursing School Review

With nearly 9,000 students in over 100 degree programs, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania (EUP) is a bustling institution in a serene setting. The main campus is comprised of over 580 acres of beautiful nature, but its 43 buildings are outfitted with premium instructional technology to offer its students a high quality advanced education.

Nursing Program

The fully accredited Nursing Program works in cooperation with Clarion University of Pennsylvania to provide rigorous course work to students interested in pursuing careers in the fast-paced, exciting field of nursing. Edinboro offers a range of degree programs to meet the personal and professional aspirations of the small, critically selected class each academic year. A cutting edge simulation lab provides students with a secure environment in which to practice clinical procedures and approaches on groups of patients such as children and maternity patients.

Traditional Program

Edinboro’s Traditional Nursing Program is a pre-licensure course of study designed to give students the knowledge and skills needed for a career as a professional nurse. The four-year program culminates in successful graduates earning Bachelor of Science degrees with majors in nursing. Completion qualifies graduates to take exams needed to be licensed as Registered Nurses. Admission is dependent on satisfactory previous academic performance and scores on aptitude tests. Through this program students gain fundamental nursing education and build a foundation upon which they can develop further education.

Innovative Program

The Innovative Program through Edinboro is designed to provide enhanced education for those students already holding degrees in another discipline. Using previous general education these students are able to engage in a rigorous 15-month course of study to earn the BSN. Completion of this program enables graduates to seek licensure as Registered Nurses. Admission into this program requires a degree from an approved post-secondary school. Students must also present a minimum GPA and demonstrate success in specific general education courses. A personal interview completes the admission process for the Innovative Program.

RN to BSN Program

The RN to BSN Program is instructed through an online format that allows professional Registered Nurses to pursue advanced education while also fulfilling personal and career obligations. This program is intended for current RNs who hold an Associate Degree or a diploma from a hospital-based nursing school. After satisfactory completion of program prerequisites the RN to BSN track can be completed in two calendar years. This program combines general education with core nursing courses to hone the skills of Registered Nurses. Continued progression through the program requires a student to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA with a grade no lower than “C” in any course.

Graduate Nursing Program

Edinboro partners with nearby Clarion University to offer a Master of Science in Nursing degree for those students wishing to advance their education and credentials beyond the level of Bachelor. Students can choose one of two areas of specialization: Family Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Educator. These concentrations provide graduates strong training for future leadership and primary care careers. This graduate level program can be completed in three calendar years of full time study.

The field of nursing is growing rapidly, presenting a strong need for passionate, skilled professionals. A Nursing education from Edinboro University will prepare graduates to compete in the intense workforce with respected credentials and confidence in personal aptitude.

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